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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Cosmetic and radiological outcome following the use of synthetic hydroxyapatite porous-dense bilayer burr-hole buttonsEaswer, H. V.; Rajeev, A.; Varma, H. K.; Vijayan, S.; Bhattacharya, R. N.
2008Dissecting intracranial aneurysms presenting as subarachnoid haemorrhage: report of two cases and review of literatureKrishnakumar, K.; Menon, G.; Kesavadas, C.; Nair, S.; Rao, B. R. M.; Easwer, H. V.
2012Embryonal tumor with multilayered rosettes: Two case reports with a review of the literatureNeelima, R.; Easwer, H. V.; Kapilamoorthy, T. R.; Hingwala, Divyata Rajendra; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2009Meningiomas of the Lateral Ventricle-A Report of 15 casesMenon, G.; Nair, S.; Sudhir, J.; Rao, R.; Easwer, H. V.; Krishnakumar, K.
2009Non-surgical management of cystic prolactinomasBahuleyan, Biji; Menon, Girish; Nair, Suresh; Rao, B. R. M.; Easwer, H. V.; Krishna, Kumar
2008Precoronal, Paramedian Minicraniotomy: A Minimal Access Approach for Microsurgical, Transcallosal, Transforaminal Removal of Colloid Cysts of the Third VentricleEaswer, H. V.; Bhattacharya, R. N.; Nair, S.; Rao, B. R. M.; Menon, G.; Abraham, M.; Kumar, K. K.
2008Symptomatic granular cell tumour of the pituitaryMenon, G.; Easwer, H. V.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Nair, S.
2007Telovelar approach: technical issues for large fourth ventricle tumorsRajesh, B. J.; Rao, B. R. M.; Menon, G.; Abraham, M.; Easwer, H. V.; Nair, S.
2002Three dimensional CT angiography in the evaluation of cerebral aneurysms.Easwer, H. V.