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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A case of PANDAS with Kleine-Levin type periodic hypersomniaDas, Abhijit; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha
2011A critical appraisal on the utility of long-term video-EEG monitoring in older adultsBaheti, Neeraj N.; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2009A Prospective Study on the Cost-Effective Utilization of Long-Term Inpatient Video-EEG Monitoring in a Developing CountryChemmanam, Thomas; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Sarma, Sankara P.; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2008Acute subdural effusion in vasculitisRaghavendra, Seetharam; Kamath, Vidya Madavana Venugopal; Sarada, C.; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Krishnamoorthy, Thamburaj
2012An audit of the presurgical evaluation and patient selection for extratemporal resective epilepsy surgery in a resource-poor countryDash, Gopal Krishna; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Abraham, Mathew; Sarma, P. Sankara; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2012Atonic variant of benign childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes (atonic-BECTS): A distinct electro-clinical syndromeCherian, Ajith; Baheti, Neeraj N.; Menon, Ramshekhar N.; Iyer, Rajesh S.; Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha
2011Clinical and functional outcome and factors predicting prognosis in osmotic demyelination syndrome (central pontine and/or extrapontine myelinolysis) in 25 patientsKallakatta, Ramesha Nekkare; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Fayaz, R. K.; Unnikrishnan, J. P.; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Sarma, Sankara P.
2011Coexistence of idiopathic generalized epilepsy among surgically treated patients with drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsyRadhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Menon, Ramshekar N.; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2007Corpora amylacea in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: Clinico-pathological correlationsRadhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath; Radhakrishnan, Venkataraman V.; Mary, Paramban R.; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Alexander, Aley; Sarma, P. Sankara
2012Do sphenoidal electrodes aid in surgical decision making in drug resistant temporal lobe epilepsy?Cherian, Ajith; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Parameswaran, Sajeesh; Varma, Raviprasad; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2010Evolution and long term outcome in patients presenting with large demyelinating lesions as their first clinical eventWattamwar, Pandurang R.; Baheti, Neeraj N.; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Nair, Muralidharan; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha
2010Hyperreflexic Guillain-Barre syndrome.Baheti, Neeraj N; Manuel, Davis; Shinde, Pranav D; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Nair, Muraleedharan
2012Long-term outcome and prognosis of patients with emergent periodic lateralized epileptiform discharges (ePLEDs)Kate, Mahesh Pundlik; Dash, Gopal Krishna; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha
2006Medically refractory epilepsy associated with temporal lobe ganglioglioma: Characteristics and postoperative outcomeRadhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Abraham, Mathew; Radhakrishnan, Venkataraman V.; Sarma, Sankara P.; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2009Periodic Lateralized Epileptiform Discharges in Fulminant Form of SSPECherian, Ajith; Sreedharan, Sapna; Raghavendra, Seetharam; Nayak, Dinesh; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha
2011Post-irradiation "acquired cavernous angiomas" with drug resistant seizuresMenon, Ramshekhar N.; Baheti, Neeraj N.; Cherian, Ajith; Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Iyer, Rajesh S.; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha
2010Role of three-dimensional fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (3D FLAIR) and proton density magnetic resonance imaging for the detection and evaluation of lesion extent of focal cortical dysplasia in patients with refractory epilepsySaini, Jitender; Singh, Atampreet; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Thomas, Bejoy; Rathore, Chathurbhuj; Bahuleyan, Biji; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2010Selection of ideal candidates for extratemporal resective epilepsy surgery in a country with limited resourcesChaudhry, Neera; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Abraham, Mathew; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Radhakrishnan, Venkataraman V.; Sarma, P. Sankara; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2009Susceptibility weighted imaging in the diagnostic evaluation of patients with intractable epilepsySaini, Jitender; Kesavadas, Chandrasekhran; Thomas, Bejoy; Kapilamoorthy, Tirur Raman; Gupta, Arun Kumar; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2010Teaching NeuroImages: Idiopathic intracranial hypertension MRI featuresHassan, Haseeb; Das, Abhijit; Baheti, Neeraj N.; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha