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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005An alternative and simple technique of guidewire retrieval in a failed Seldinger techniqueUnnikrishnan, KP; Sinha, PK; Nalgirkar, RS
2006An alternative site for entropy sensor placementSinha, PK; Suneel, PR; Unnikrishnan, KP; Smita, V; Rathod, RC
2006An unusual cause of high airway pressure and inadequate ventilation because of a defective connector despite accurate placement of a double-lumen tubeKoshy, T; Sinha, PK; Vijayakumar, A; Dash, PK; Unnikrishnan, KP
2008Anesthesia for craniotomy in a patient with previous paralytic polioSuneel, PR; Sinha, PK; Unnikrishnan, KP; Abraham, M
2004Bradycardia and sinus arrest following saline irrigation of the brain during epilepsy surgerySinha, PK; Neema, PK; Manikandan, S; Unnikrishnan, KP; Rathod, RC
2006Effect of lung ventilation with 50% oxygen in air or nitrous oxide versus 100% oxygen on oxygenation index after cardiopulmonary bypassSinha, PK; Neema, PK; Unnikrishnan, KP; Varma, PK; Jaykumar, K; Rathod, RC
2011High cuff pressure in the silicone endotracheal tube of the LMA-Fastrach: implications for patient safetySuneel, PR; Koshy, T; Unnikrishnan, KP
2006Mandibular dislocation from yawning during induction of anesthesiaUnnikrishnan, KP; Sinha, PK; Rao, S
2016Modified Deep Transgastric Bicaval View for Revealing Superior Vena Caval Obstruction in a Patient Undergoing Sinus Venosus Atrial Septal Defect Repair: A Case ReportAggarwal, N; Unnikrishnan, KP; Suneel, PR; Mathew, T
2004Physical incompatibility of injection diclofenac sodium with Isolyte PSinha, PK; Neema, PK; Manikandan, S; Unnikrishnan, KP
2006Possible explanation for why blue blushedSinha, PK; Suneel, PR; Unnikrishnan, KP
2003Unusual cause of intraoperative hypertension and tachycardiaUnnikrishnan, KP; Sinha, PK; Neema, PK