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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Dextran-binding human plasma antibody recognizes bacterial and yeast antigens and is inhibited by glucose concentrations reached in diabetic seraChacko, BK; Appukuttan, PS
2014Dual Specificity of Human Plasma Lactose-Binding Immunoglobulin to Anomers of Terminal Galactose Enables Recognition of Desialylated Lipoprotein(a) and XenoantigensSabarinath, PS; Chacko, BK; Appukuttan, PS
2000Glutaraldehyde cross-linking of lectins to marker enzymes: Protection of binding site by specific sugarsAppukuttan, PS; Chacko, BK; Geetha, M; Annamma, KI; Mathai, J
2008IgA1 desialylated by microbial neuraminidase forms immune complex with naturally occurring anti-T antibody in human serumJayakumari, AN; Appukuttan, PS
2005IgA1 is the premier serum glycoprotein recognized by human galectin-1 since T antigen (Gal beta 1 -> 3GalNAc-) is far superior to non-repeating N-acetyl lactosamine as ligandSangeetha, SR; Appukuttan, PS
2015Immunopathology of desialylation: human plasma lipoprotein(a) and circulating anti-carbohydrate antibodies form immune complexes that recognize host cellsSabarinath, PS; Appukuttan, PS
2007Normal human plasma anti-beta-glucoside antibody has markedly elevated IgA content and binds fungal and yeast polysaccharidesGeetha, M; Annamma, KI; Mathai, J; Appukuttan, PS
2001Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) lectin recognizes alpha-linked galactose, but not N-acetyl lactosamine in N-linked oligosaccharide terminalsChacko, BK; Appukuttan, PS
2000Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) lectin: Use in quantitation of desialylation of glycoproteinsChacko, BK; Appukuttan, PS
2014Plasma anti-alpha-galactoside antibody binds to serine- and threonine-rich peptide sequence of apo(a) subunit in Lp(a)Geetha, M; Kalaivani, V; Sabarinath, PS; Appukuttan, PS
2016Plasma anti-alpha-galactoside antibody mediates lipoprotein(a) binding to macrophagesSheela, B; George, G; Mandagini, G; Appukuttan, PS
1997Relative affinities of bovine brain 14 kDa galactose lectin binding to individual endogenous gangliosidesKannan, VM; Appukuttan, PS
1998Separation of bovine heart galactose lectin from endogenous glycoproteins co-purified with the lectin during affinity chromatographyAppukuttan, PS; Annamma, KI; Geetha, M; Jaison, PL
2002Terminal alpha-linked galactose rather than N-acetyl lactosamine is ligand for bovine heart galectin-1 in N-linked oligosaccharides of glycoproteinsAppukuttan, PS