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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Periodate oxidation of sodium alginate in water and in ethanol-water mixture: a comparative studyBalakrishnan, B; Lesieur, S; Labarre, D; Jayakrishnan, A
1996Phase transfer catalysed surface modification of plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) in aqueous media to retard plasticizer migrationJayakrishnan, A; Sunny, MC
1998Photocross-linking of dithiocarbamate-substituted PVC reduces plasticizer migrationLakshmi, S; Jayakrishnan, A
2012Polyurethane thermoplastic elastomers with inherent radiopacity for biomedical applicationsKiran, S; James, NR; Jayakrishnan, A; Joseph, R
2006Polyurethanes with radiopaque propertiesJames, NR; Philip, J; Jayakrishnan, A
2002Preparation and evaluation of photocrosslinkable chitosan as a drug delivery matrixJameela, SR; Lakshmi, S; James, NR; Jayakrishnan, A
2004Preparation and in vitro evaluation of primaquine-conjugated gum arabic microspheresNishi, KK; Jayakrishnan, A
2000Progesterone release from glutaraldehyde cross-linked casein microspheres: In vitro studies and in vivo response in rabbitsLatha, MS; Lal, AV; Kumary, TV; Sreekumar, R; Jayakrishnan, A
1998Progesterone-loaded chitosan microspheres: a long acting biodegradable controlled delivery systemJameela, SR; Kumary, TV; Lal, AV; Jayakrishnan, A
2003Properties and performance of sulfide-substituted plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) as a biomaterialLakshmi, S; Jayakrishnan, A
1997Protein release from poly(epsilon-caprolactone) microspheres prepared by melt encapsulation and solvent evaporation techniques: A comparative studyJameela, SR; Suma, N; Jayakrishnan, A
2005Self-cross-linking biopolymers as injectable in situ forming biodegradable scaffoldsBalakrishnan, B; Jayakrishnan, A
2009Studies on novel radiopaque methyl methacrylate: glycidyl methacrylate based polymer for biomedical applicationsDawlee, S; Jayakrishnan, A; Jayabalan, M
2009Studies on novel radiopaque methyl methacrylate: glycidyl methacrylate based polymer for biomedical applications.Dawlee, S; Jayakrishnan, A; Jayabalan, M
2007Surface modification of poly( ethylene terephthalate) by plasma polymerization of poly( ethylene glycol)Kumar, DS; Fujioka, M; Asano, K; Shoji, A; Jayakrishnan, A; Yoshida, Y
2003Synthesis and polymerization of a new iodine-containing monomerLakshmi, S; James, NR; Nisha, VS; Jayakrishnan, A
2003Synthesis, polymerization, and copolymerization of aliphatic vinyl azideJames, NR; Jayakrishnan, A
2002Synthesis, surface properties and performance of thiosulphate-substituted plasticized poly(vinyl chloride)Lakshmi, S; Jayakrishnan, A
1989Synthetic hydrogel microspheres as substrata for cell adhesion and growth.Shivakumar, K; Nair, R R; Jayakrishnan, A; Thanoo, B C; Kartha, C C
2005Tween 20-modified poly(vinyl chloride) exhibits enhanced blood-compatibilityBalakrishnan, B; James, NR; Jayakrishnan, A