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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Osteoid osteoma - CT-guided percutaneous laser ablation in spine and long bonesGupta, AK; Thomas, B; Joseph, S; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Kesavadas, C; Purkayastha, S
2012Pediatric gliosarcoma of thalamusNeelima, R; Abraham, M; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Hingwala, DR; Radhakrishnan, VV
2003Percutaneous laser disc decompressionGupta, AK; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Joseph, S; Thomas, B; Kesavadas, C; Bodhey, NK
2003Percutaneous vertebroplasty - Initial experienceKapilamoorthy, TR; Gupta, AK; Joseph, S; Bejoy, T; Kesavadas, C; Purkayastha, S
2014Pilomyxoid astrocytoma in an elderly patient: A case report and review of literatureAmita, R; Sandhyamani, S; Nair, S; Kapilamoorthy, TR
2010Post gamma knife subarachnoid hemorrhage and hydrocephalusKesavadas, C; Bahuleyan, B; Chatterjee, S; Kapilamoorthy, TR
2003Preoperative embolization of craniofacial vascular malformationsGupta, AK; Rao, VRK; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Joseph, S; Kesavadas, C; Bejoy, T
2010Primary yolk sac tumor of the paracavernous regionRadhakrishnan, N; Rao, RM; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Radhakrishnan, VV
2005Proatlantal intersegmental arteries of external carotid artery origin associated with Galen's vein malformationPurkayastha, S; Gupta, AK; Varma, R; Kapilamoorthy, TR
2016Quantification of diffusion and anisotropy in intracranial epidermoids using diffusion tensor metrics and p: q tensor decompositionSrinivasan, K; Thomas, B; Shah, D; Kannath, SK; Menon, G; Sandhyamani, S; Kesavadas, C; Kapilamoorthy, TR
2014Rosette forming glioneuronal tumor of the fourth ventricle in squash cytology smearNair, AR; Gopalakrishnan, CV; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Radhakrishnan, N
2016Solitary Infantile Myofibroma of Left Ethmoid Sinus With Intracranial ExtensionSwaika, S; Thomas, B; Kapilamoorthy, TR
2003Spinal arteriovenous malformations - Role of interventional neuroradiologyGupta, AK; Rao, VRK; Bhattacharya, RN; Joseph, S; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Krishnamoorthy, T
2016Spinal venous hypertension secondary to pelvic extra-spinal arteriovenous fistula-a previously unreported cause of congestive myelopathyMohimen, A; Kumar, KS; Jayadevan, ER; Jain, NK; Kapilamoorthy, TR
2011Spontaneous intracranial hypo and hypertensions:An imaging reviewVaghela, V; Hingwala, DR; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Kesavadas, C; Thomas, B
2013Staged hybrid repair for symptomatic extensive aortic aneurysm from distal ascending across aortic arch till supraceliac thoracic aortaNedounsejiane, M; Dash, PK; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Unnikrishnan, M
2014Sternotomy After Classic Blalock-Taussig Shunt: A Unique ChallengeChandrasekaran, A; Mathew, T; Menon, S; Dharan, BS; Karunakaran, J; Kapilamoorthy, TR
2011Suboptimal Contrast Opacification of Dynamic Head and Neck MR Angiography due to Venous Stasis and Reflux: Technical Considerations for OptimizationHingwala, DR; Thomas, B; Kesavadas, C; Kapilamoorthy, TR
2006Suction thrombectomy of thrombotic occlusion of the subclavian artery in a case of Takayasu's arteritisPurkayastha, S; Jayadevan, ER; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Gupta, AK
2016SurgicalClosure of Aortopulmonary Window in a Topsy-Turvy Heart: A Surgical ChallengeSasikumar, D; Dharan, BS; Menon, S; Sivasubramanian, S; Kapilamoorthy, TR