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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Biomimetic deposition of hydroxyapatite on titanium with help of sol-gel grown calcium pyrophosphate prelayerSureshbabu, S; Komath, M; Shibli, SMA; Varma, HK
2003Development of a fully injectable calcium phosphate cement for orthopedic and dental applicationsKomath, M; Varma, HK
Mar-2015Development of an injectable bioactive bone filler cement with hydrogen orthophosphate incorporated calcium sulfateSony, S; Suresh Babu, S; Nishad, KV; Varma, H; Komath, M
2011Formation of hydroxyapatite coating on titanium at 200A degrees C through pulsed laser deposition followed by hydrothermal treatmentKomath, M; Rajesh, P; Muraleedharan, CV; Varma, HK; Reshmi, R; Jayaraj, MK
2012In Situ Formation of Hydroxyapatite - Alpha Tricalcium Phosphate Biphasic Ceramics with Higher Strength and BioactivitySureshbabu, S; Komath, M; Varma, HK
2012Nucleation kinetics of the formation of low dimensional calcium sulfate dihydrate crystals in isopropyl alcohol mediumSandhya, S; Sureshbabu, S; Varma, HK; Komath, M
2000On the development of an apatitic calcium phosphate bone cementKomath, M; Varma, HK; Sivakumar, R
2000On those heavenly pathogens ...Komath, M
2007Photoluminescence and thermolumineseence properties of tricalcium phosphate phosphors doped with dysprosium and europiumMadhukumar, K; Varma, HK; Komath, M; Elias, TS; Padmanabhan, V; Nair, CMK
2004Plasma surface modification of polystyrene and polyethyleneGuruvenket, S; Rao, GM; Komath, M; Raichur, AM
2006Safety and efficacy of Chitra-CPC calcium phosphate cement as bone substituteFernandez, AC; Mohanty, M; Varma, HK; Komath, M
2013Synthesis of chemically pure, luminescent Eu3+ doped HAp nanoparticles: a promising fluorescent probe for in vivo imaging applicationsHasna, K; Kumar, SS; Komath, M; Varma, MR; Jayaraj, MK; Kumar, KR
2009Testing astrologyKomath, M
2003Wettability enhancement of polystyrene with electron cyclotron resonance plasma with argonGuruvenket, S; Komath, M; Vijayalakshmi, SP; Raichur, AM; Rao, GM