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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Cytocompatibility Studies of a Novel Bioactive Glass Coated Porous Hydroxyapatite Bioceramic for Use as a Bone SubstituteJohn, A; Varma, HK; Kumari, TV; Nisha, VR; Narayanan, D
2005Development and evaluation of a single solution bonding agent as a dental adhesiveKrishnan, VK; Lizymol, PP; Kumari, TV; Rauf, TA; Thomas, MM
Aug-2016Effect of chronic inflammation and immune response on regeneration induced by decellularised bovine pericardiumUmashankar, PR; Arun, T; Kumari, TV
2012Glutaraldehyde treatment elicits toxic response compared to decellularization in bovine pericardium.Umashankar, PR; Mohanan, PV; Kumari, TV
2002In vitro cytocompatibility studies of Diamond Like Carbon coatings on titaniumKumari, TV; Kumar, PRA; Muraleedharan, CV; Bhuvaneshwar, GS; Sampeur, Y; Derangere, F; Suryanarayanan, R
2006In vitro mineralization and cell adhesion on surface modified poly (2-hydroxy ethyl methacrylate-co-methyl methacrylate)Sailaja, GS; Kumari, TV; Yokogawa, Y; Varma, HK
2001In vitro studies on the effect of physical cross-linking on the biological performance of aliphatic poly(urethane urea) for blood contact applicationsThomas, V; Kumari, TV; Jayabalan, M
2002Preliminary in vitro and in vivo characterization of a sol-gel derived bioactive glassAbiraman, S; Varma, HK; Kumari, TV; Umashankar, PR; John, A
2002Preliminary in vitro and in vivo characterizations of a sol-gel derived bioactive glass-ceramic systemAbiraman, S; Varma, HK; Kumari, TV; Umashankar, PR; John, A
2003Surface reactivity of calcium phosphate based ceramics in a cell culture systemJohn, A; Varma, HK; Kumari, TV