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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A case of sporadic Creutzfeldt Jakob disease with anterior visual pathway involvementMooney, T; Sreekumar, J; Hemanth, S; Mathuranath, PS; Sarada, C
2013A Genetic Algorithm Optimized Artificial Neural Network for the Segmentation of MR Images in Frontotemporal DementiaKumari, RS; Varghese, T; Kesavadas, C; Singh, NA; Mathuranath, PS
2014A pilot study on utility of Malayalam version of Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination in detection of amnestic mild cognitive impairment: A critical insight into utility of learning and recall measuresMenon, R; Lekha, VS; Justus, S; Sarma, PS; Mathuranath, PS
2005A prospective study of reversible dementias: Frequency, causes, clinical profile and results of treatment - Invited commentsMathuranath, PS
2013A review of neuroimaging biomarkers of Alzheimer's diseaseVarghese, T; Sheelakumari, R; James, JS; Mathuranath, PS
1999Acute dysautonomia following mumpsMathuranath, PS; Duralpandian, J; Kishore, A
2004Adaptation of the ACE for a Malayalam speaking population in southern IndiaMathuranath, PS; Hodges, JR; Mathew, R; Cherian, PJ; George, A; Bak, TH
2002An instrumental activities of daily living scale for dementia screening in the elderly in developing countriesMathuranath, PS; George, A; Cherian, JP; Alexander, A; Verma, N; Gopinath, N
2010An overview of biomarkers in Alzheimers diseaseWattamwar, PR; Mathuranath, PS
1997Beevor's sign in amyotrophic lateral sclerosisPandian, JD; Mathuranath, PS
2005Cognitive bedside assessment in atypical parkinsonian syndromesBak, TH; Rogers, TT; Crawford, LM; Hearn, VC; Mathuranath, PS; Hodges, JR
2003Effects of age, education and gender on verbal fluencyMathuranath, PS; George, A; Cherian, PJ; Alexander, A; Sarma, SG; Sarma, PS
2011Face Inversion Reduces the Persistence of Global Form and Its Neural CorrelatesStrother, L; Mathuranath, PS; Aldcroft, A; Lavell, C; Goodale, MA; Vilis, T
2010Genetics of frontotemporal lobar degenerationAswathy, PM; Jairani, PS; Mathuranath, PS
1998Hereditary ataxias: From phenotype to genotypeMathuranath, PS; Thomas, SV
Dec-2012Incidence of Alzheimer's disease in India: A 10 years follow-up studyMathuranath, PS; George, A; Ranjith, N; Justus, S; Kumar, MS; Menon, R; Sarma, PS; Verghese, J
2005Instrumental activities of daily living scale for dementia screening in elderly peopleMathuranath, PS; George, A; Cherian, PJ; Mathew, R; Sarma, PS
2016Interaction with the MAPT H1H1 Genotype Increases Dementia Risk in APOE epsilon 4 Carriers in a Population of Southern IndiaJairani, PS; Aswathy, PM; Gopala, S; Verghese, J; Mathuranath, PS
2014Longitudinal Evaluation of Structural Changes in Frontotemporal Dementia Using Artificial Neural NetworksKumari, RS; Varghese, T; Kesavadas, C; Singh, NA; Mathuranath, PS
Oct-2013MAPT genetic variations are uncommon cause of frontotemporal dementia in south IndiaAswathy, PM; Jairani, PS; Verghese, Joe; Srinivas, G; Mathuranath, PS