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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Microtubule-associated protein tau genetic variations are uncommon cause of frontotemporal dementia in south IndiaAswathy, PM; Jairani, PS; Verghese, J; Gopala, S; Mathuranath, PS
1998Myasthenia gravis, motor neuron syndrome and thymomaPandian, JD; Mathuranath, PS; Suresh, PA; Radhakrishnan, K
Dec-2014A pilot study on utility of Malayalam version of Addenbrooke’s cognitive examination in detection of amnestic mild cognitive impairment: A critical insight into utility of learning and recall measuresMenon, R; Lekha, VS; Justus, S; Sarma, PS; Mathuranath, PS
2016Progranulin mutation analysis: Identification of one novel mutation in exon 12 associated with frontotemporal dementiaAswathy, PM; Jairani, PS; Raghavan, SK; Verghese, J; Gopala, S; Srinivas, P; Mathuranath, PS
2005Subcortical dementia revisited: Similarities and differences in cognitive function between progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), corticobasal degeneration (CBD) and multiple system atrophy (MSA)Bak, TH; Crawford, LM; Hearn, VC; Mathuranath, PS; Hodges, JR
2007Tau and tauopathiesRobert, M; Mathuranath, PS
2010The role of single photon emission computed tomography scan in the diagnosis of dementiaMathuranath, PS
2016VALIDATION OF NINDS-CSN HARMONISATION BATTERY FOR VASCULAR COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT ACROSS DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, LITERACY LEVELS AND CULTURESAlladi, S; Mekala, S; Iyer, GK; Dutt, A; Ellajosyula, R; Ghosh, A; Kandukuri, R; Mathuranath, PS; Menon, R; Narayanan, J; Nehra, A; Gollahalli, D; Shah, U; Tripathi, M; Sharma, M; Kaul, S