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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2019Bio-interactions and risks of engineered nanoparticlesPrajitha, N; Athira, SS; Mohanan, PV
Feb-2021Biocompatibility of strontium incorporated ceramic coated titanium oxide implant indented for orthopaedic applicationsVandana, U; Nancy, D; Sabareeswaran, A; Remya, NS; Rajendran, N; Mohanan, PV
1995Biocompatibility studies on silicone rubberMohanan, PV; Rathinam, K
2012Biological evaluation of a new organically modified ceramic-based dental restorative resinLizymol, PP; Mohanan, PV; Sabareeswaran, A; Krishnan, VK
2005Biological evaluation of pliable hydroxyapatite-ethylene vinyl acetate co-polymer composites intended for cranioplastyVelayudhan, S; Anilkumar, TV; Kumary, TV; Mohanan, PV; Fernandez, AC; Varma, HK; Ramesh, P
Jan-2019Biomedical application and hidden toxicity of zinc oxide nanoparticlesSruthi, S; Ashtami, J; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2021Biomedical applications of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs)Anju, S; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2019Black phosphorous, a prospective graphene substitute for biomedical applicationsAnju, S; Ashtami, J; Mohanan, PV
Feb-2023Blood brain barrier-on-a-chip to model neurological diseasesReshma, S; Megha, KB; Amir, S; Rukhiya, S; Mohanan, PV
Oct-2021Cascade of immune mechanism and consequences of inflammatory disordersMegha, KB; Joseph, X; Akhil, V; Mohanan, PV
2013Cells-nano interactions and molecular toxicity after delayed hypersensitivity, in Guinea pigs on exposure to hydroxyapatite nanoparticlesGeetha, CS; Remya, NS; Leji, KB; Syama, S; Reshma, SC; Sreekanth, PJ; Varma, HK; Mohanan, PV
Sep-2021Cellular and Immunological Response of THP-1 Cells in Response to Lipopolysaccharides and Lipoteichoic Acid ExposurePrajitha, N; Mohanan, PV
Feb-2022Cellular and sub-chronic toxicity of hydroxyapatite porous beads loaded with antibiotic in rabbits, indented for chronic osteomyelitisVandana, U; Akhil, V; Suresh Babu, S; Francis, B; Sabareeswaran, A; Varma, HK; Mohanan, PV
2015Characterizing the biocompatibility and tumor-imaging capability of Cu2S nanocrystals in vivoPoulose, AC; Veeranarayanan, S; Mohamed, MS; Sakamoto, Y; Hirosawa, N; Suzuki, Y; Zhang, MF; Yudasaka, M; Radhakrishnan, N; Maekawa, T; Mohanan, PV; Kumar, DS
Sep-2015Characterizing the biocompatibility and tumorimaging capability of Cu2S nanocrystals in vivoPoulose, AC; Veeranarayanan, V; Mohamed, MS; Sakamoto, Y; Zhang, M; Yudasaka, M; Radhakrishnan, N; Maekawa, T; Mohanan, PV; Kumar, DS
1998Chemoprotective effect of Sobatum against cyclophosphamide toxicity in miceMohanan, PV; Devi, KS
Jul-2020Chitra Disinfection Gateway for the Management of COVID 19 in Public Entry PlacesKrishnan, J; Subhash, NN; Muraleedharan, CV; Mohanan, PV; Nandakumar, M; Neethu, S; Rethnagireeshwar, R
Jan-2020Complicity of degradable polymers in health-care applicationsAnju, S; Prajitha, N; Sukanya, VS; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2019Comprehensive Application of Graphene: Emphasis on Biomedical ConcernsSyama, S; Mohanan, PV
Apr-2019Comprehensive biology of antipyretic pathwaysPrajitha, N; Athira, SS; Mohanan, PV