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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Lack of micronucleus induction by 'Sobatum' in bone marrow erythrocytes of Swiss miceMohanan, PV; Rathinam, K; Devi, KS
2002Long term tissue response to titanium coated with diamond like carbonMohanty, M; Anilkumar, TV; Mohanan, PV; Muraleedharan, CV; Bhuvaneshwar, GS; Derangere, F; Sampeur, Y; Suryanarayanan, R
1992Mandatory biological testing of Spictra Cardiotomy Reservoir.Rathinam, K; Mohanan, PV
Jun-2021Mechanism of action and cellular responses of HEK293 cells on challenge with zwitterionic carbon dotsSangeetha, VP; Smriti, S; Solanki, PR; Mohanan, PV
Mar-2018Medical Application of Engineered NanoparticlesReshma, VG; Krishnan, N; Mohanan, PV
2010Metallocene based polyolefin: a potential candidate for the replacement of flexible poly (vinyl chloride) in the medical fieldSunny, MC; Ramesh, P; Mohanan, PV; George, KE
Apr-2021Microfluidic based human-on-a-chip: A revolutionary technology in scientific researchSyama, S; Mohanan, PV
1998Microtox system, a new approach to the safety evaluation of medical devicesRathinam, K; Mohanan, PV
2012Molecular level toxicological evaluation of a dental composite implanted in albino ratsArun, M; Silja, PK; Sheeja, LE; Geetha, CS; Mohanan, PV
Mar-2014Molecular toxicity of dextran coated ferrite nanoparticles after dermal exposure to Wistar ratsMohanan, PV; Syama, S; Sabareeswaran, A; Sreekanth, PJ; Varma, HK
Aug-2020Nano Fullerene Mixture Impose Threat to Alveolar Epithelial CellsAthira, SS; Ashtami, J; Mohanan, PV
May-2017Nano-bio compatibility of PEGylated reduced graphene oxide on mesenchymal stem cells.Syama, S; Aby, CP; Maekawa, T; Sakthikumar, D; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2016Nano-biointeractions of PEGylated and bare reduced graphene oxide on lung alveolar epithelial cells: A comparative in vitro studyReshma, SC; Syama, S; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2020Organ distribution and biological compatibility of surfacefunctionalized reduced graphene oxideCherian, RS; Anju, S; Paul, W; Sabareeswaran, A; Mohanan, PV
Feb-2020Potential Skin Substitute of Biomimetic Proteins and Terpolymer with Proven Immuno-Compatible and Biodegradable PropertiesRamakrishnan, R; Mohanan, PV; Krishnan, LK
2012Pre-clinical evaluation of titanium nitride coated titanium materialGeetha, CS; Sabareeswaran, A; Mohanan, PV
Mar-2018Preclinical evaluation of hydrogel sealed fluropassivated indigenous vascular prosthesisUnnikrishnan, M; Umashankar, PR; Viswanathan, S; Savlania, A; Joseph, R; Muraleedharan, CV; Agrawal, V; Shenoy, SJ; Krishnan, LK; Mohanan, PV; Sabareeswaran, A
2014Protective Effect of Melatonin On Kainic acid Induced-Liver Damage And Immune Modulatory CytokinesGayathri, V; Neelima, R; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2019Pyrogens, a polypeptide produces fever by metabolic changes in hypothalamus: Mechanisms and detections.Prajitha, N; Athira, SS; Mohanan, PV
Feb-2015Quality of animals in GLP studiesMohanan, PV