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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Atonic variant of benign childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes (atonic-BECTS): A distinct electro-clinical syndromeCherian, Ajith; Baheti, Neeraj N.; Menon, Ramshekhar N.; Iyer, Rajesh S.; Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha
2012Calcified neurocysticercosis lesions and hippocampal sclerosis: Potential dual pathology?Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Thomas, Bejoy; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2011Cost-effective utilization of single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) in decision making for epilepsy surgeryRathore, Chaturbhuj; Kesavadas, Chandrasekhar; Ajith, Joy; Sasikala, Achikanath; Sarma, Sankara P.; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2009Extent of initial injury determines language lateralization in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis (MTLE-HS)Rathore, Chaturbhuj; George, Annamma; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Sarma, P. Sankara; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2012Feasibility of antiepileptic drug withdrawal following extratemporal resective epilepsy surgeryMenon, Ramsekhar; Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Sarma, Sankara P.; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2011How safe is it to withdraw antiepileptic drugs following successful surgery for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy?Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Panda, Samhita; Sarma, P. Sankara; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2008Impaired facial emotion recognition in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy associated with hippocampal sclerosis (MTLE-HS): Side and age at onset mattersHlobil, Ulf; Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Alexander, Aley; Sarma, Sankara; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2007Outcome after corpus callosotomy in children with injurious drop attacks and severe mental retardationRathore, Chaturbhuj; Abraham, Mathew; Rao, Ravi Mohan; George, Annamma; Sarma, P. Sankara; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2011Post-irradiation "acquired cavernous angiomas" with drug resistant seizuresMenon, Ramshekhar N.; Baheti, Neeraj N.; Cherian, Ajith; Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Iyer, Rajesh S.; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha
2011Prognostic importance of serial postoperative EEGs after anterior temporal lobectomyRathore, Chaturbhuj; Sarma, Sankara P.; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2010Prognostic Significance of Interictal Epileptiform Discharges After Epilepsy SurgeryRathore, Chaturbhuj; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
2010Teaching NeuroImages: Adrenoleukodystrophy presenting as raised intracranial pressureBansal, Atma Ram; Baheti, Neeraj N.; Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan
2009Teaching NeuroImages: Diaschisis Is it always reversible?Baheti, Neeraj N.; Bansal, Atma Ram; Rathore, Chaturbhuj; Kesavdas, Chandrasekhar
2008Teaching Video NeuroImage: Electroclinical characteristics of micturition-induced reflex epilepsyRathore, Chaturbhuj; Radhakrishnan, Ashalatha; Nayak, S. Dinesh; Radhakrishnan, Kurupath