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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Beta cyclodextrin-insulin-encapsulated chitosan/alginate matrix: Oral delivery systemMoses, LR; Dileep, KJ; Sharma, CP
2011Bioadhesive Hydrophobic Chitosan Microparticles for Oral Delivery of Insulin: In Vitro Characterization and In Vivo Uptake StudiesSonia, TA; Rekha, MR; Sharma, CP
2013Biomimetic mucin modified PLGA nanoparticles for enhanced blood compatibilityThasneem, YM; Rekha, MR; Sajeesh, S; Sharma, CP
2011Blood protein adsorption and compatibility studies of gold nanoparticlesNimi, N; Paul, W; Sharma, CP
2001Blood-compatible materials: A perspectiveSharma, CP
2012Calcium Phosphates as Drug Delivery SystemsVictor, SP; Sharma, CP
2006Cell mimetic lateral stabilization of outer cell mimetic bilayer on polymer surfaces by peptide bonding and their blood compatibilityKaladhar, K; Sharma, CP
2014Cell-mimetic coatings for immune spheresKaladhar, K; Renz, H; Sharma, CP
2003Ceramic drug delivery: A perspectivePaul, W; Sharma, CP
1996Changes in polyurethane calcification due to antibioticsChandy, T; Vasudev, SC; Sharma, CP
2009Chitin and chitosan polymers: Chemistry, solubility and fiber formationPillai, CKS; Paul, W; Sharma, CP
2011Chitosan and Its Derivatives for Drug Delivery PerspectiveSonia, TA; Sharma, CP
2014Chitosan scaffold co-cultured with keratinocyte and fibroblast heals full thickness skin wounds in rabbitRevi, D; Paul, W; Anilkumar, TV; Sharma, CP
2000Chitosan, a drug carrier for the 21st century: a reviewPaul, W; Sharma, CP
1996Chitosan/calcium alginate microcapsules for intestinal delivery of nitrofurantoinHari, PR; Chandy, T; Sharma, CP
1996Chitosan/calcium-alginate beads for oral delivery of insulinHari, PR; Chandy, T; Sharma, CP
1998Comments on 'Modulation of protein release from chitosan-alginate microcapsules using the pH-sensitive polymer hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose acetate succinate'Hari, PR; Sharma, CP
1998Comparative complement activation study of polypropylene hollow fibres of two different makes in static conditionHussain, MA; Murali, CV; Willi, P; Sharma, CP
2000Covalently bonded heparin to alter the pericardial calcificationVasudev, SC; Moses, LR; Sharma, CP
May-2014Cucurbitural/Hydroxyapatite based nanoparticles for potential use in theranostic applicationsVictor, SP; Paul, W; Jayabalan, M; Sharma, CP