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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Recent advances in the oral delivery of insulinRekha, MR; Sharma, CP
2011Sensing of lead ions using glutathione mediated end to end assembled gold nanorod chainsDurgadas, CV; Lakshmi, VN; Sharma, CP; Sreenivasan, K
Jan-2015Simultaneous Effect of Thiolation and Carboxylation of Chitosan Particles Towards Mucoadhesive Oral Insulin Delivery Applications: An In Vitro and In Vivo EvaluationRekha, MR; Sharma, CP
1995Sterilization of chitosan: ImplicationsRao, SB; Sharma, CP
2002Stimuli sensitive polymethacrylic acid microparticles (PMAA) - Oral insulin deliveryVictor, SP; Sharma, CP
1996Structural studies on bovine bioprosthetic tissues and their in vivo calcification: Prevention via drug deliveryChandy, T; Mohanty, M; John, A; Rao, SB; Sivakumar, R; Sharma, CP; Valiathan, MS
2009Studies on the Condensation of Depolymerized Chitosans With DNA for Preparing Chitosan-DNA Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery ApplicationsMorris, VB; Neethu, S; Abraham, TE; Pillai, CKS; Sharma, CP
2004Supported cell mimetic monolayers and their interaction with bloodKaladhar, K; Sharma, CP
2014Supramolecular curcumin-barium prodrugs for formulating with ceramic particlesKamalasanan, K; Anupriya; Deepa, MK; Sharma, CP
Jul-2014Supramolecular hydroxyapatite complexes as theranostic near-infrared luminescent drug carriersVictor, SP; Paul, W; Jayabalan, M; Sharma, CP
2000Synergistic effect of released aspirin/heparin for preventing bovine pericardial calcificationVasudev, SC; Chandy, T; Sharma, CP; Mohanty, M; Umasankar, PR
2012Synthesis and characterization of alginate coated zinc calcium phosphate nanoparticles for intestinal delivery of insulinPaul, W; Sharma, CP
2009Synthesis and Characterization of PEGylated Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles for Oral Insulin DeliveryRamachandran, R; Paul, W; Sharma, CP
2012Synthesis, Characterization and Bio-Labeling Studies of Trypsin Stabilized Silver Quantum ClustersDas, B; Fernandez, FB; John, A; Sharma, CP
2011Targeted coadministration of sparingly soluble paclitaxel and curcumin into cancer cells by surface engineered magnetic nanoparticlesManju, S; Sharma, CP; Sreenivasan, K
2000The anticalcification effect of polyethylene glycol - Immobilized on hexamethylene diisocyanate treated pericardiumVasudev, SC; Chandy, T; Sharma, CP
1999The antithrombotic versus calcium antagonistic effects of polyethylene glycol grafted bovine pericardiumVasudev, SC; Chandy, T; Sharma, CP
1995Untitled - PrefaceSharma, CP
1997Use of chitosan as a biomaterial: Studies on its safety and hemostatic potentialRao, SB; Sharma, CP
2011Use of quartz crystal nanobalance to study the binding and stabilization of albumin and doxycycline on a thin layer of hydroxyapatiteVictor, SP; Sharma, CP; Sreenivasan, K