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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Bright blue emitting CuSe/ZnS/silica core/shell/shell quantum dots and their biocompatibilityDurgadas, Cherukaraveedu V.; Sreenivasan, Kunnatheri; Sharma, Chandra P.
2006Cell mimetic monolayer supported chitosan-haemocompatibility studiesMathews, Smitha; Kaladhar, K.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2009Challenges and advances in nanoparticle-based oral insulin deliveryRamesan, Rekha M.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2010Copper complexed polymer carriers for IgG adsorptionJoshy, K. S.; Paul, Willi; Sharma, Chandra P.
2010Cyclodextrin complexed insulin encapsulated hydrogel microparticles: An oral delivery system for insulinSajeesh, S.; Bouchemal, K.; Marsaud, V.; Vauthier, C.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2006Cyclodextrin-insulin complex encapsulated polymethacrylic acid based nanoparticles for oral insulin deliverySajeesh, S.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2011Development and evaluation of cyclodextrin complexed hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for preferential albumin adsorptionVictor, Sunita Prem; Sharma, Chandra P.
2011Development of lauroyl sulfated chitosan for enhancing hemocompatibility of chitosanShelma, R.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2010Dextran-glycidyltrimethylammonium chloride conjugate/DNA nanoplex: A potential non-viral and haemocompatible gene delivery systemThomas, Jane Joy; Rekha, M. R.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2010Dextran-protamine polycation: An efficient nonviral and haemocompatible gene delivery systemThomas, Jane Joy; Rekha, M. R.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2007Effect of calcium, zinc and magnesium on the attachment and spreading of osteoblast like cells onto ceramic matricesPaul, Willi; Sharma, Chandra P.
2011Effect of thiol functionalization on the hemo-compatibility of PLGA nanoparticlesThasneem, Y. M.; Sajeesh, S.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2010Enhanced in-vitro transfection and biocompatibility of L-arginine modified oligo (-alkylaminosiloxanes)-graft-polyethylenimineMorris, Viola B.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2011Fluorescent and superparamagnetic hybrid quantum clusters for magnetic separation and imaging of cancer cells from bloodDurgadas, C. V.; Sharma, Chandra P.; Sreenivasan, K.
2010Folate mediated histidine derivative of quaternised chitosan as a gene delivery vectorMorris, Viola B.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2010Folate mediated in vitro targeting of depolymerised trimethylated chitosan having arginine functionalityMorris, Viola B.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2011Folate mediated L-arginine modified oligo (alkylaminosiloxane) graft poly (ethyleneimine) for tumor targeted gene deliveryMorris, Viola B.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2011Hemocompatible pullulan-polyethyleneimine conjugates for liver cell gene delivery: In vitro evaluation of cellular uptake, intracellular trafficking and transfection efficiencyRekha, M. R.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2011Mucoadhesive hydrogel microparticles based on poly (methacrylic acid-vinyl pyrrolidone)-chitosan for oral drug deliverySajeesh, S.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2007Novel polyelectrolyte complexes based on poly(methacrylic acid)-bis(2-aminopropyl)poly(ethylene glycol) for oral protein deliverySajeesh, S.; Sharma, Chandra P.