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Sep-2015Effect of Screening on Variation in Cervical Cancer Survival by Socioeconomic Determinants - a Study from Rural South India.Thulaseedharan, JV; Malila, N; Swaminathan, R; Esmy, PO; Cherian, M; Hakama, M; Muwonge, R; Sankaranarayanan, R
2016Enhanced P-selectin expression on platelet-a marker of platelet activation, in young patients with angiographically proven coronary artery diseaseGeorge, R; Bhatt, A; Narayani, J; Thulaseedharan, JV; Sivadasanpillai, H; Tharakan, JA
2014Forkhead box C2 Promoter Variant c.-512C > T Is Associated with Increased Susceptibility to Chronic Venous DiseasesSurendran, S; Girijamma, A; Nair, R; Ramegowda, KS; Nair, DH; Thulaseedharan, JV; Lakkappa, RB; Kamalapurkar, G; Kartha, CC
Sep-2015Risk of invasive cancer among women visually screened and colposcopy triaged by trained nurses in rural South IndiaThulaseedharan, JV; Malila, N; Esmy, PO; Muwonge, R; Hakama, M; Sankaranarayanan, R
Feb-2013Socio demographic and reproductive risk factors for cervical cancer - a large prospective cohort study from rural IndiaThulaseedharan, JV; Malila, N; Hakama, M; Esmy, PO; Cheriyan, M; Swaminathan, R; Muwonge, R; Sankaranarayanan, R
2014Transesophageal Echocardiographic Evaluation of Left Ventricular Systolic and Diastolic Function in Response to 20% Mannitol and 3% Hypertonic Saline Infusion in Neurosurgical Patients Undergoing CraniotomyGayatri, P; Misra, S; Menon, G; Arulvelan, A; Thulaseedharan, JV