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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Advantages of hyaluronic acid as a component of fibrin sheet for care of acute woundAnilkumar, TV; Muhamed, Jaseer; Jose, Anumol; Jyothi, Arun; Mohanan, PV; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2007Amphotericin B-gum arabic conjugates: Synthesis, toxicity, bioavailability, and activities against Leishmania and fungiNishi, KK; Antony, M; Mohanan, PV; Anilkumar, TV; Loiseau, PM; Jayakrishnan, A
2014Astaxanthin modulates osteopontin and transforming growth factor beta 1 expression levels in a rat model of nephrolithiasis: a comparison with citrate administrationAlex, M; Paul, MVS; Abhilash, M; Mathews, VV; Anilkumar, TV; Nair, RH
Feb-2015Biocompatibility and 1.923 Immunophenotypic Characterization of a Porcine Cholecyst-derived Scaffold Implanted in RatsMuhamed, J; Revi, D; Rajan, A; Geetha, S; Anilkumar, TV
2015Biocompatibility and Immunophenotypic Characterization of a Porcine Cholecyst-derived Scaffold Implanted in RatsMuhamed, J; Revi, D; Rajan, A; Geetha, S; Anilkumar, TV
2005Biological evaluation of pliable hydroxyapatite-ethylene vinyl acetate co-polymer composites intended for cranioplastyVelayudhan, S; Anilkumar, TV; Kumary, TV; Mohanan, PV; Fernandez, AC; Varma, HK; Ramesh, P
2014Biomaterial properties of cholecyst-derived scaffold recovered by a non-detergent/enzymatic methodAnilkumar, TV; Vineetha, VP; Revi, D; Muhamed, J; Rajan, A
2014Chitosan scaffold co-cultured with keratinocyte and fibroblast heals full thickness skin wounds in rabbitRevi, D; Paul, W; Anilkumar, TV; Sharma, CP
May-2020A cholecystic extracellular matrix-based hybrid hydrogel for skeletal muscle tissue engineeringRaj, R; Sobhan, PK; Kanakarajan, V; Pratheesh, KV; Anilkumar, TV
2015Comparative cytomorphometric analysis of oral mucosal cells in normal, tobacco users, oral leukoplakia and oral squamous cell carcinomaNivia, M; Sunil, SN; Rathy, R; Anilkumar, TV
2015Comparative local immunogenic potential of scaffolds prepared from porcine cholecyst, jejunum, and urinary bladder in rat subcutaneous modelMuhamed, J; Revi, D; Rajan, A; Anilkumar, TV
Aug-2019Controlled cross-linking of porcine cholecyst extracellular matrix for preparing tissue engineering scaffold. Biomed Mater Res. part BMony, MP; Anilkumar, TV
2013Differential Healing of Full Thickness Rabbit Skin Wound by Fibroblast Loaded Chitosan SpongeDeepa, R; Paul, W; Anilkumar, TV; Sharma, CP
2016Fibroblast-loaded cholecyst-derived scaffold induces faster healing of full thickness burn wound in rabbitRevi, D; Geetha, C; Thekkuveettil, A; Anilkumar, TV
2012Flexible and Microporous Chitosan Hydrogel/Nano ZnO Composite Bandages for Wound Dressing: In Vitro and In Vivo EvaluationKumar, PTS; Lakshmanan, VK; Anilkumar, TV; Ramya, C; Reshmi, P; Unnikrishnan, AG; Nair, SV; Jayakumar, R
Jun-2017A gold nano particle coated porcine cholecyst-derived bio scaffold for cardiac tissue engineeringNair, RS; Ameer, JM; Alison, MR; Anilkumar, TV
2016Increased sensitivity of BRCA defective triple negative breast tumors to plumbagin through induction of DNA Double Strand Breaks (DSB)Nair, RS; Kumar, JM; Jose, J; Somasundaram, V; Hemalatha, SK; Sengodan, SK; Nadhan, R; Anilkumar, TV; Srinivas, P
2002Long term tissue response to titanium coated with diamond like carbonMohanty, M; Anilkumar, TV; Mohanan, PV; Muraleedharan, CV; Bhuvaneshwar, GS; Derangere, F; Sampeur, Y; Suryanarayanan, R
Jul-2018Preparation and characterization of cholecystic extracellular matrix powder forms for biomedical applicationsRaj, R; Anilkumar, TV; Rajan, A
2015Wound healing potential of scaffolds prepared from porcine jejunum and urinary bladder by a non-detergent/enzymatic methodRevi, D; Vineetha, VP; Muhamed, J; Surendran, GC; Rajan, A; Kumary, TV; Anilkumar, TV