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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A bioactive triphasic ceramic-coated hydroxyapatite promotes proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow stromal cellsNair, Manitha B.; Bernhardt, Anne; Lode, Anja; Heinemann, Christiane; Thieme, Sebastian; Hanke, Thomas; Varma, Harikrishna; Gelinsky, Michael; John, Annie
2008A triphasic ceramic-coated porous hydroxyapatite for tissue engineering applicationNair, Manitha B.; Babu, S. Suresh; Varnia, H. K.; John, Annie
2012Adipogenesis on biphasic calcium phosphate using rat adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells: In vitro and in vivoVenugopal, Balu; Fernandez, Francis B.; Babu, Suresh S.; Harikrishnan, V. S.; Varma, Harikrishna; John, Annie
2009Platelet-Rich Plasma and Fibrin Glue-Coated Bioactive Ceramics Enhance Growth and Differentiation of Goat Bone Marrow-Derived Stem CellsNair, Manitha B.; Varma, H. K.; John, Annie
2009Reconstruction of goat femur segmental defects using triphasic ceramic-coated hydroxyapatite in combination with autologous cells and platelet-rich plasmaNair, Manitha B.; Varma, H. K.; Menon, K. V.; Shenoy, Sachin J.; John, Annie
2012Short-term studies using ceramic scaffolds in lapine model for osteochondral defect amelioration.Fernandez, F B; Shenoy, Sachin; Suresh Babu, S; Varma, H K; John, Annie
2009Tissue regeneration and repair of goat segmental femur defect with bioactive triphasic ceramic-coated hydroxyapatite scaffoldNair, Manitha B.; Varma, H. K.; Menon, K. V.; Shenoy, Sachin J.; John, Annie
2010Treatment of Goat Femur Segmental Defects with Silica-Coated Hydroxyapatite-One-Year Follow-UpNair, Manitha B.; Varma, Harikrishna; Shenoy, Sachin J.; John, Annie
2009Triphasic ceramic coated hydroxyapatite as a niche for goat stem cell-derived osteoblasts for bone regeneration and repair.Nair, Manitha B; Varma, H K; John, Annie