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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A Biochemical Study on the Effect of Proteolysis of Beta-Thromboglobulin Proteins Released from Activated Platelets on Fibroblast ProliferationRavindran, Resmi; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2011Advantages of hyaluronic acid as a component of fibrin sheet for care of acute woundAnilkumar, TV; Muhamed, Jaseer; Jose, Anumol; Jyothi, Arun; Mohanan, PV; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2007Bio-mimetic composite matrix that promotes endothelial cell growth for modification of biomaterial surfacePrasad, C. Krishna; Muraleedharan, C. V.; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2009Design of Fibrin Matrix Composition to Enhance Endothelial Cell Growth and Extracellular Matrix Deposition for In Vitro Tissue EngineeringPankajakshan, Divya; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2008Development of a Fibrin Composite-Coated Poly(epsilon-Caprolactone) Scaffold for Potential Vascular Tissue Engineering ApplicationsPankajakshan, Divya; Philipose, Lizymol P.; Palakkal, Minshiya; Krishnan, Kalliyana; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2009Glycosaminoglycans restrained in a fibrin matrix improve ECM remodelling by endothelial cells grown for vascular tissue engineeringDivya, Pankajakshan; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2007Growth factors upregulate deposition and remodeling of ECM by endothelial cells cultured for tissue-engineering applicationsDivya, P.; Sreerekha, P. R.; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2007Increased platelet cholesterol and decreased percentage volume of platelets as a secondary risk factor for coronary artery diseaseRavindran, Resmi; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2006Phenotype gradation of human saphenous vein endothelial cells from cardiovascular disease subjectsPrasad, C. Krishna; Jayakumar, K.; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2008Regulation of endothelial cell phenotype by biomimetic matrix coated on biomaterials for cardiovascular tissue engineeringPrasad, Chennazhy Krishna; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2011Silver Nanoparticle Impregnated Poly (epsilon-Caprolactone) Scaffolds: Optimization of Antimicrobial and Noncytotoxic ConcentrationsMadhavan, Ragaseema V.; Rosemary, Mathirappillil J.; Nandkumar, Maya A.; Krishnan, Kalliyana V.; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2006Suitability of measurement of swirling as a marker of platelet shape change in concentrates stored for transfusionMathai, Jaisy; Resmi, K. R.; Sulochana, P. V.; Sathyabhama, S.; Saritha, G. Baby; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2012The antithrombotic and antimicrobial properties of PEG-protected silver nanoparticle coated surfacesRagaseema, V. M.; Unnikrishnan, S.; Krishnan, V. Kalliyana; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2012Vascular tissue construction on poly(e-caprolactone) scaffolds by dynamic endothelial cell seeding: effect of pore sizeMathews, Asha; Colombus, Soumya; Krishnan, V. Kalliyana; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2007Vascular tissue generation in response to signaling molecules integrated with a novel poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-fibrin hybrid scaffoldPankajakshan, Divya; Kalliyana, Krishnan; Krishnan, Lissy K.