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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An X-ray micro-fluorescence study to investigate the distribution of Al, Si, P and Ca ions in the surrounding soft tissue after implantation of a calcium phosphate-mullite ceramic composite in a rabbit animal modelMartin, RA; Jaffer, Z; Tripathi, G; Nath, S; Mohanty, M; FitzGerald, V; Lagarde, P; Flank, AM; Stamboulis, A; Basu, B
1996Cellular basis for failure of joint prosthesisMohanty, M
2004Comparative evaluation of absorbable hemostats: advantages of fibrin-based sheetsKrishnan, LK; Mohanty, M; Umashankar, PR; Lal, AV
2009Effect of 980-nm diode laser and 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser on the intervertebral disc--in vitro and in vivo studiesJayasree, RS; Gupta, AK; Bodhey, NK; Mohanty, M
2000Effects of double cross-linking technique on the enzymatic degradation and calcification of bovine pericardiaVasudev, SC; Chandy, T; Sharma, CP; Mohanty, M; Umasankar, PR
2005Evaluation of an in situ forming hydrogel wound dressing based on oxidized alginate and gelatinBalakrishnan, B; Mohanty, M; Umashankar, PR; Jayakrishnan, A
2006Evaluation of the effect of incorporation of dibutyryl cyclic adenosine monophosphate in an in situ-forming hydrogel wound dressing based on oxidized alginate and gelatinBalakrishnan, B; Mohanty, M; Fernandez, AC; Mohanan, PV; Jayakrishnan, A
2012F-actin and alpha-actinin reorganization mediates initial fibroblast interaction with CoCr alloy particles in vitroMadathil, BK; Damodaran, V; Thrikkovil, KV; Mohanty, M
2003Fibrinolysis inhibitors adversely affect remodeling of tissues sealed with fibrin glueKrishnan, LK; Lal, AV; Shankar, PRU; Mohanty, M
2010In vitro and in vivo performance of a dual drug-eluting stent (DDES)Huang, YY; Venkatraman, SS; Boey, FYC; Lahti, EM; Umashankar, PR; Mohanty, M; Arumugam, S; Khanolkar, L; Vaishnav, S
2009In Vivo Response of Novel Calcium Phosphate-Mullite Composites: Results Up to 12 Weeks of ImplantationNath, S; Basu, B; Mohanty, M; Mohanan, PV
2013Influence of curing agent on fibrosis around silicone implantsJoseph, J; Mohanty, M
2002Long term tissue response to titanium coated with diamond like carbonMohanty, M; Anilkumar, TV; Mohanan, PV; Muraleedharan, CV; Bhuvaneshwar, GS; Derangere, F; Sampeur, Y; Suryanarayanan, R
2013Mediatory role of interleukin-6 in alpha smooth muscle actin induction and myofibroblast formation around silicone tissue expanderJoseph, J; Variathu, KT; Mohanty, M
2011Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy results in healing of full thickness articular cartilage defectBoopalan, PRJVC; Arumugam, S; Livingston, A; Mohanty, M; Chittaranjan, S
2006Safety and efficacy of Chitra-CPC calcium phosphate cement as bone substituteFernandez, AC; Mohanty, M; Varma, HK; Komath, M
1998Short term tissue response to carbon fibre: A preliminary in vitro and in vivo studyMohanty, M; Kumary, TV; Lal, AV; Sivakumar, R
2003Spinal fixation device: A 6-year postimplantation studyMohanty, M; Baby, S; Menon, KV
1996Structural studies on bovine bioprosthetic tissues and their in vivo calcification: Prevention via drug deliveryChandy, T; Mohanty, M; John, A; Rao, SB; Sivakumar, R; Sharma, CP; Valiathan, MS
2000Synergistic effect of released aspirin/heparin for preventing bovine pericardial calcificationVasudev, SC; Chandy, T; Sharma, CP; Mohanty, M; Umasankar, PR