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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Alginate based hybrid copolymer hydrogels-Influence of pore morphology on cell-material interactionThankam, FG; Muthu, J
2015Alginate-polyester comacromer based hydrogels as physiochemically and biologically favorable entities for cardiac tissue engineeringThankam, FG; Muthu, J
2014Bioactive, mechanically favorable, and biodegradable copolymer nanocomposites for orthopedic applicationsVictor, SP; Muthu, J
2013Biosynthetic alginate-polyester hydrogels with inherent free radical scavenging activity promote cellular responseThankam, FG; Muthu, J
2014Biosynthetic hydrogels-Studies on chemical and physical characteristics on long-term cellular response for tissue engineeringThankam, FG; Muthu, J
2015Covalently cross-linked hydroxyapatite-citric acid-based biomimetic polymeric composites for bone applicationsVictor, SP; Vineeth, VM; Komeri, R; Selvam, S; Muthu, J
2017Free radical scavenging injectable hydrogels for regenerative therapyKomeri, R; Thankam, FG; Muthu, J
2013Growth and survival of cells in biosynthetic poly vinyl alcohol-alginate IPN hydrogels for cardiac applicationsThankam, FG; Muthu, J; Sankar, V; Gopal, RK
2016In situ crosslinkable elastomeric hydrogel for long-term cell encapsulation for cardiac applicationsKomeri, R; Muthu, J
2014Infiltration and sustenance of viability of cells by amphiphilic biosynthetic biodegradable hydrogelsThankam, FG; Muthu, J
2015Influence of matrix and bulk behaviour of an injectable hydrogel on the survival of encapsulated cardiac cellsKomeri, R; Thankam, FG; Muthu, J
2014Influence of physical and mechanical properties of amphiphilic biosynthetic hydrogels on long-term cell viabilityThankam, FG; Muthu, J
2013Influence of plasma protein-hydrogel interaction moderated by absorption of water on long-term cell viability in amphiphilic biosynthetic hydrogelsThankam, FG; Muthu, J
2015Injectable in situ forming xylitol-PEG-based hydrogels for cell encapsulation and deliverySelvam, S; Pithapuram, MV; Victor, SP; Muthu, J
2015Photoluminescent PEG based comacromers as excitation dependent fluorophores for biomedical applicationsVijayan, VM; Komeri, R; Victor, SP; Muthu, J
Sep-2015Photoluminescent PEG based comacromers as excitation dependent fluorophores for biomedical applications.Vijayan, VM; Komeri, R; Victor, SP; Muthu, J
Jun-2016Stimulus responsive nanogel with innate near IR fluorescent capability for drug delivery and bioimagingVijayan, VM; Shenoy, SJ; Victor, SP; Muthu, J