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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A hospital-based registry of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: Can neuroimaging serve as a surrogate biomarker?Divya, KP; Menon, RN; Thomas, B; Nair, M
2016An audit of the predictors of outcome in status epilepticus from a resource-poor country: a comparison with developed countriesHassan, H; Rajiv, KR; Menon, R; Menon, D; Nair, M; Radhakrishnan, A
2015Clinico-radiological spectrum and outcome in idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitisDash, GK; Thomas, B; Nair, M; Radhakrishnan, A
2009Factors Associated With Underweight and Stunting Among Children in Rural Terai of Eastern NepalSingh, GCP; Nair, M; Grubesic, RB; Connell, FA
2009Garland sign in amyotrophic lateral sclerosisBansal, AR; Dash, GK; Radhakrishnan, A; Kesavadas, C; Nair, M
2010Hyperreflexic Guillain-Barre syndromeBaheti, NN; Manuel, D; Shinde, PD; Radhakrishnan, A; Nair, M
2004Immunocytochemical method for the diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis.Radhakrishnan, VV; George, SM; Reuben, S; Nair, M
1997Ischaemic stroke in the young adult: Clinical features, risk factors and outcomeNayak, SD; Nair, M; Radhakrishnan, K; Sarma, PS
2013Mucolipidosis and progressive myoclonus epilepsy: A distinctive phenotypeMenon, RN; Jagtap, S; Thakkar, R; Narayanappa, G; Nair, M
2001Neurocysticercosis: a clinical and radiological appraisal from Kerala State, South India.Kuruvilla, A; Pandian, J D; Nair, M; Radhakrishnan, V V; Joseph, S
2000Pseudoseizures versus epileptic seizures in pregnancyKuruvilla, A; Nair, M