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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Aluminosilicates with varying alumina-silica ratios: synthesis via a hybrid sol-gel route and structural characterisationNampi, PP; Moothetty, P; Berry, FJ; Mortimer, M; Warrier, KG
2011Calcination and associated structural modifications in boehmite and their influence on high temperature densification of aluminaNampi, PP; Ghosh, S; Warrier, KG
2011Effect of surface roughness on grain growth and sintering of aluminaNampi, PP; Kume, S; Hotta, Y; Watari, K
2012High surface area sol-gel nano silica as a novel drug carrier substrate for sustained drug releaseNampi, PP; Mohan, VS; Sinha, AK; Varma, H
2010High-Surface-Area Alumina-Silica Nanocatalysts Prepared by a Hybrid Sol-Gel Route Using a Boehmite PrecursorNampi, PP; Moothetty, P; Wunderlich, W; Berry, FJ; Mortimer, M; Creamer, NJ; Warrier, KG
2015Sodium yttrium fluoride based upconversion nano phosphors for biosensingNampi, PP; Varma, H; Biju, PR; Kakkar, T; Jose, G; Saha, S; Millner, P
Jun-2013Sol-gel nanoporous silica as substrate for immobilization of conjugated biomolecules for application as fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) based biosensorNampi, PP; Kartha, CC; Jose, G; Anilkumar, PR; Anilkumar, T; Varma, HK
2011The effect of polyvinyl alcohol as a binder and stearic acid as an internal lubricant in the formation, and subsequent sintering of spray-dried aluminaNampi, PP; Kume, S; Hotta, Y; Watari, K; Itoh, M; Toda, H; Matsutani, A