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Feb-2018Abnormal cerebellar processing of the neck proprioceptive information drives dysfunctions in cervical dystonia.Popa, T; Hubsch, C; James, P; Richard, A; Russo, M; Pradeep, S; Krishan, S; Roze, E; Meunier, S; Kishore, A
Nov-2014Age-related decline in the responsiveness of motor cortex to plastic forces reverses with levodopa or cerebellar stimulationKishore, A; Popa, T; James, P; Yahia-Cherif, L; Backer, F; Varughese, CL; Govind, P; Pradeep, S; Meunier, S
2014Cerebellar influence on motor cortex plasticity: behavioral implications for Parkinson's diseaseKishore, A; Meunier, S; Popa, T
2013Cerebellar Processing of Sensory Inputs Primes Motor Cortex PlasticityPopa, T; Velayudhan, B; Hubsch, C; Pradeep, S; Roze, E; Vidailhet, M; Meunier, S; Kishore, A
Apr-2013Cerebellar Sensory Processing Alterations Impact Motor Cortical Plasticity in Parkinson's Disease: Clues from Dyskinetic PatientsKishore, A; Popa, T; Balachandran, A; Chandran, S; Pradeep, S; Backer, F; Krishnan, S; Meunier, S
2014Cerebellum in levodopa-induced dyskinesias: the unusual suspect in the motor networkKishore, A; Popa, T
Feb-2017Consensus Paper: Towards a Systems-Level View of Cerebellar Function: the Interplay Between Cerebellum, Basal Ganglia, and CortexCaligiore, D; Pezzulo, G; Baldassarre, G; Bostan, AC; Strick, PL; Doya, K; Helmich, RC; Dirkx, M; Houk, J; Jörntell, H; Lago-Rodriguez, A; Galea, JM; Miall, RC; Popa, T; Kishore, A; Verschure, PF; Zucca, R; Herreros, I
Jun-2017Cortical plasticity and levodopa-induced dyskinesias in Parkinson's disease: Connecting the dots in a multicomponent networkRajan, R; Popa, T; Quartarone, A; Ghilardi, MF; Kishore, A
Jul-2013Defective cerebellar control of cortical plasticity in writer's crampHubsch, C; Roze, E; Popa, T; Russo, M; Balachandran, A; Pradeep, S; Mueller, F; Brochard, V; Quartarone, A; Degos, B; Vidailhet, M; Kishore, A; Meunier, S
Aug-2013Defective cerebellar control of cortical plasticity in writers crampPopa, T; Asha, Kishore
Dec-2016Motor cortex plasticity can indicate vulnerability to motor fluctuation and high L-DOPA need in drug-naïve Parkinson's disease.Kishore, A; James, P; Krishnan, S; Yahia-Cherif, L; Meunier, S; Popa, T
2015Reply: A single session of cerebellar theta burst stimulation does not alter writing performance in writer's crampMeunier, S; Popa, T; Hubsch, C; Roze, E; Kishore, A
Sep-2017Severity of Writer's Cramp is Related to Faulty Motor PreparationKishore, A; Popa, T; James, P; Krishnan, S; Robert, S; Meunier, S