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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Advanced MR imaging in Lhermitte-Duclos disease: moving closer to pathology and pathophysiologyThomas, B.; Krishnamoorthy, T.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Kesavadas, C.
2007Alanine peak in central neurocytomas on proton MR spectroscopyKrishnamoorthy, T.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Thomas, B.; Jeyadevan, E. R.; Menon, G.; Nair, Suresh
2011Atypical clinical and imaging manifestation in neurocysticercosisDayananda, L.; Kesavadas, C.; Thomas, Bejoy; Neelima, R.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2009Atypical fungal granuloma of the sphenoid wingBanuprakash, S.; Jolappara, M.; Kesavadas, C.; Saini, J.; Rao, R. M.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2007Diagnostic approaches in patients with tuberculous pleural effusionAnie, Y.; Sumi, S.; Varghese, Philip; Madhavi, Latha G. K.; Sathish, Mundayoor; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2010Diagnostic Significance of Humoral Immune Responses to Recombinant Antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Patients with Pleural TuberculosisSumi, S.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2009Diffusion tensor mode in imaging of intracranial epidermoid cysts: one step ahead of fractional anisotropyJolapara, Milan; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Saini, Jitender; Patro, Satya Narayan; Gupta, Arun Kumar; Kapilamoorthy, Tirur Raman; Bodhey, Narendra
2007Disseminated necrotizing leukoencephalopathy following low-dose oral methotrexateRaghavendra, S.; Nair, M. D.; Chemmanam, T.; Krishnamoorthy, T.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Kuruvilla, A.
2012Embryonal tumor with multilayered rosettes: Two case reports with a review of the literatureNeelima, R.; Easwer, H. V.; Kapilamoorthy, T. R.; Hingwala, Divyata Rajendra; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2009Fluid-fluid levels in cystic lumbosacral schwannomas: a report of three casesSanthosh, K.; Kesavadas, C.; Thomas, B.; Gupta, A. K.; Kapilamoorthy, T. R.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2010Fungal infections of the central nervous system in HIV-negative patients: Experience from a tertiary referral center of South IndiaRamesha, K. N.; Kate, Mahesh P.; Kesavadas, Chandrasekhar; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Nair, S.; Thomas, Sanjeev V.
2010Germinoma of medullaNeelima, R.; Mathew, A.; Kapilamoorthy, T. R.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2009Glioma grading: sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of diffusion and perfusion imagingArvinda, H. R.; Kesavadas, C.; Sarma, PS; Thomas, B.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Gupta, A. K.; Kapilamoorthy, T. R.; Nair, S.
2009Intracranial Intradural Aneurysmal Bone Cyst: A Unique CaseGopalakrishnan, C. V.; Rao, B. R. M.; Nair, S.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Kesavadas, C.
2008Intratumoral microhemorrhages on T2*-weighted gradient-echo imaging helps differentiate vestibular schwannomas from meningiomaThamburaj, K.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Thomas, B.; Nair, S.; Menon, G.
2011Mean intensity curve on dynamic contrast-enhanced susceptibility-weighted perfusion MR imaging - review of a new parameter to differentiate intracranial tumorsChinchure, S.; Thomas, B.; Wangju, S.; Jolappara, M.; Kesavadas, C.; Kapilamoorthy, T. R.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2007Meckel's cave tuberculoma with unusual infratemporal extensionKesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Somasundaram, S.; Rao, Ravi M.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2008Multifocal desmoplastic noninfantile astrocytomaSanthosh, K.; Kesavadas, C.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Abraham, M.; Gupta, A. K.
2009Primary diffuse leptomeningeal gliomatosisSingh, A.; Kesavadas, C.; Radhakrishnan, M.; Santhosh, K.; Nair, M.; Menon, G.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.
2008Rhabdoid and papillary meningioma with leptomeningeal disseminationSanthosh, K.; Kesavadas, C.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Thomas, B.; Kapilamoorthy, T. R.; Gupta, A. K.