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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20021,25-dihydroxyvitamin D-3 receptor is upregulated in aortic smooth muscle cells during hypervitaminosis DRajasree, S; Umashankar, PR; Lal, AV; Sarma, PS; Kartha, CC
2014A pilot study on utility of Malayalam version of Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination in detection of amnestic mild cognitive impairment: A critical insight into utility of learning and recall measuresMenon, R; Lekha, VS; Justus, S; Sarma, PS; Mathuranath, PS
2000A questionnaire survey about doctor-patient communication, compliance and locus of control among South Indian people with epilepsyGopinath, B; Radhakrishnan, K; Sarma, PS; Jayachandran, D; Alexander, A
2005Access to pocket money and low educational performance predict tobacco use among adolescent boys in Kerala, IndiaMohan, S; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR
2015Achutha Menon Centre Diabetes Risk Score: A Type 2 Diabetes Screening Tool for Primary Health Care Providers in Rural IndiaSathish, T; Kannan, S; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR
2015Achutha Menon Centre Diabetes Risk Score: A type 2 diabetes screening tool for primary health care providers in rural India.Sathish, T; Kannan, S; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR
Jul-2016Adapting and Validating the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) for Trivandrum, India, 2013Mathews, E; Salvo, D; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR; Pratt, M
2011Adherence to antihypertensive treatment and its determinants among urban slum dwellers in Kolkata, IndiaBhandari, S; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR
Feb-2013The Adherence to Medications in Diabetic Patients in Rural Kerala, IndiaSankar, UV; Lipska, K; Mini, GK; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR
1999Age- and height-specific reference limits of blood pressure for Indian childrenChadha, SL; Vasan, RS; Sarma, PS; Shekhawat, S; Tandon, R; Gopinath, N
2011Alcohol-based hand rub and surgical site infection after elective neurosurgery: An interventionSaramma, PP; Krishnakumar, K; Sarma, PS
2011Alcohol-based hand rub and ventilator-associated pneumonia after elective neurosurgery: An interventional study.Saramma, PP; Krishnakumar, K; Dash, PK; Sarma, PS
2001An expert system for the diagnosis of epilepsy: Results of a clinical trialThomas, SV; Kurup, JR; Kuruvilla, A; Nair, BN; Thomas, KL; Sarma, PS
2001Assessing potential risk factors for child malnutrition in rural Kerala, IndiaSanghvi, U; Thankappan, KR; Sarma, PS; Sali, N
2009Association of monocyte chemoattractant protein - 1- 2518 polymorphism with metabolic syndrome in a South Indian cohortKaur, S; Panicker, SR; James, T; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR; Kartha, CC
2009Association of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1-2518 Polymorphism With Metabolic Syndrome in a South Indian CohortKaur, Savneet; Panicker, Sumith R.; James, T.; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR; Kartha, Chandrasekharan C.
2016Autonomic dysfunction in first ever ischemic stroke: Prevalence, predictors and short term neurovascular outcomeNayani, S; Sreedharan, SE; Namboodiri, N; Sarma, PS; Sylaja, PN
2010Awareness attitude and perceived barriers regarding implementation of the cigarettes and other tobacco products act in Assam, IndiaSarma, I; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR
2014Calculation error in estimating low HDL in women ResponseThankappan, KR; Shah, B; Mathur, P; Sarma, PS; Srinivas, G; Mini, GK; Daivadanam, M; Soman, B; Vasan, RS
2005Cardiac malformations are increased among infants of mothers with epilepsyAjaykumar, B; Thomas, SV; Sindhu, K; Sarma, PS; Francis, E; Namboodiri, KKN; Tharakan, JA