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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Alterations in collagen metabolism and increased fibroproliferation in the heart in cerium-treated rats - Implications for the pathogenesis of endomyocardial fibrosisKumar, BP; Shivakumar, K
1998Alterations in collagen metabolism and increased fibroproliferation in the heart in cerium-treated rats: implications for the pathogenesis of endomyocardial fibrosis.Prakash Kumar, B; Shivakumar, K
2002Calcium- and superoxide anion-mediated mitogenic action of substance P on cardiac fibroblastsKumaran, C; Shivakumar, K
2006Cardiac fibrogenesis in magnesium deficiency: a role for circulating angiotensin II and aldosteroneSapna, S; Ranjith, SK; Shivakumar, K
1995Cerium stimulates protein biosynthesis in rat heart in vivoKumar, BP; DSouza, SL; Shivakumar, K; Rathinam, K
2013cIAP-2 protects cardiac fibroblasts from oxidative damage: An obligate regulatory role for ERK1/2 MAPK and NF-kappa BPhilip, L; Shivakumar, K
1997Depressed antioxidant defense in rat heart in experimental magnesium deficiency - Implications for the pathogenesis of myocardial lesionsKumar, BP; Shivakumar, K
2003Differential response of cardiac fibroblasts from young adult and senescent rats to ANG IIShivakumar, K; Dostal, DE; Boheler, K; Baker, KM; Lakatta, EG
2001L-type calcium channel blockers and EGTA enhance superoxide production in cardiac fibroblastsShivakumar, K; Kumaran, C
1996Magnesium deficiency and cerium promote fibrogenesis in rat heartKumar, BP; Shivakumar, K; Kartha, CC; Rathinam, K
1997Magnesium deficiency enhances oxidative stress and collagen synthesis in vivo in the aorta of ratsShivakumar, K; Kumar, BP
1997Magnesium deficiency-related changes in lipid peroxidation and collagen metabolism in vivo in rat heartKumar, BP; Shivakumar, K; Kartha, CC
2014Mechanisms in cardiac fibroblast growth: an obligate role for Skp2 and FOXO3a in ERK1/2 MAPK-dependent regulation of p27(kip1)Pramod, S; Shivakumar, K
2001Model of cardiovascular injury in magnesium deficiencyShivakumar, K
2016Molecular basis and functional significance of Angiotensin II-induced increase in Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 gene expression in cardiac fibroblastsGeorge, M; Vijayakumar, A; Dhanesh, SB; James, J; Shivakumar, K
2016Molecular mechanisms in H2O2-induced increase in AT1 receptor gene expression in cardiac fibroblasts: A role for endogenously generated Angiotensin IIAnupama, V; George, M; Dhanesh, SB; Chandran, A; James, J; Shivakumar, K
Oct-2017Molecular mechanisms in wound healing in the heart: Regulation of the cardiac fibroblast AT1 receptorShivakumar, K
2002Pro-fibrogenic effects of magnesium deficiency in the cardiovascular systemShivakumar, K
Mar-2014Regulation of the cardiac fibroblast cell cycle by p44/42 MAPKShivakumar, K
2001Superoxide-mediated activation of cardiac fibroblasts by serum factors in hypomagnesemiaKumaran, C; Shivakumar, K