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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A sensitive estimation of residual ethylene glycol in ethylene oxide sterilized medical devices by HPLC with electrospray ionization mass spectrometric detectionHari, P. R.; Naseerali, C. P.; Sreenivasan, K.
2009Bioinspired mineralization and cell adhesion on surface functionalized poly(vinyl alcohol) filmsSailaja, G. S.; Sreenivasan, K.; Yokogawa, Y.; Kumary, T. V.; Varma, H. K.
2011Conjugation of curcumin onto hyaluronic acid enhances its aqueous solubility and stabilityManju, S.; Sreenivasan, K.
2011Detection of cholesterol by digitonin conjugated gold nanoparticlesRaj, Vidya; Jaime, Ruiz; Astruc, Didier; Sreenivasan, K.
2006Detection of creatinine enriched on a surface imprinted polystyrene film using FT-ATR-IRSreenivasan, K.
2011Enhanced Drug Loading on Magnetic Nanoparticles by Layer-by-Layer Assembly Using Drug Conjugates: Blood Compatibility Evaluation and Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer CellsManju, S.; Sreenivasan, K.
2011Fluorescent and superparamagnetic hybrid quantum clusters for magnetic separation and imaging of cancer cells from bloodDurgadas, C. V.; Sharma, Chandra P.; Sreenivasan, K.
2011Fluorescent gold clusters as nanosensors for copper ions in live cellsDurgadas, C. V.; Sharma, C. P.; Sreenivasan, K.
2010Fluorescent molecularly imprinted polymer film binds glucose with a concomitant changes in fluorescenceManju, S.; Hari, P. R.; Sreenivasan, K.
2012Gold nanoparticles generated and stabilized by water soluble curcumin-polymer conjugate: Blood compatibility evaluation and targeted drug delivery onto cancer cellsManju, S.; Sreenivasan, K.
2011Gold nanoparticles generated through "green route'' bind Hg2+ with a concomitant blue shift in plasmon absorption peakRadhakumary, C.; Sreenivasan, K.
2011Hollow microcapsules built by layer by layer assembly for the encapsulation and sustained release of curcuminManju, S.; Sreenivasan, K.
2007Identification of salicylic acid using surface modified polyurethane film using an imprinted layer of polyanilineSreenivasan, K.
2011Intelligent Thermoresponsive Substrate from Modified Overhead Projection Sheet as a Tool for Construction and Support of Cell Sheets In VitroNithya, Joseph; Kumar, P. R. Anil; Tilak, Prasad; Leena, Joseph; Sreenivasan, K.; Kumary, T. V.
2010Selective detection and estimation of C-reactive protein in serum using surface-functionalized gold nano-particlesRaj, Vidya; Sreenivasan, K.
2011Synthesis and Characterization of a Cytotoxic Cationic Polyvinylpyrrolidone-Curcumin ConjugateManju, S.; Sreenivasan, K.
2010The release kinetics of drug eluting stents containing sirolimus as coated drug: Role of release mediaNaseerali, C. P.; Hari, P. R.; Sreenivasan, K.
2007Use of chemically modified thermoresponsive copolymers for the detection of C-reactive proteinRaj, Vidya; Hari, P. R.; Sreenivasan, K.