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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A comparative evaluation of coefficient of friction and mechanical properties of commercially available foley cathetersRamesh, P; Joseph, R; Sunny, MC
2006Effect of partial replacement of di(2-ethyl hexyl)phthalate, by a polymeric plasticizer, on the permeability and leaching properties of poly(vinyl chloride)Sunny, MC; Ramesh, P; George, KE
2000Extrusion of hydroxyapatite to clinically significant shapesVelayudhan, S; Ramesh, P; Sunny, MC; Varma, HK
2003Hydroxyapatite filled chitosan-polyacrylic acid polyelectrolyte complexesSailaja, GS; Velayudhan, S; Sunny, MC; Sreenivasan, K; Varma, HK; Ramesh, P
2017Inherently X-ray opaque polyurethane microspheres for biomedical applicationsKiran, S; Sunny, MC; Joseph, R
2010Metallocene based polyolefin: a potential candidate for the replacement of flexible poly (vinyl chloride) in the medical fieldSunny, MC; Ramesh, P; Mohanan, PV; George, KE
2002Microstructured microspheres of hydroxyapatite bioceramicSunny, MC; Ramesh, P; Varma, HK
1996Phase transfer catalysed surface modification of plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) in aqueous media to retard plasticizer migrationJayakrishnan, A; Sunny, MC
2012Poly (L-lactide-co-epsilon caprolactone) microspheres laden with bioactive glass-ceramic and alendronate sodium as bone regenerative scaffoldsMondal, T; Sunny, MC; Khastgir, D; Varma, HK; Ramesh, P
2011Porous composites of hydroxyapatite-filled poly[ethylene-co-(vinyl acetate)] for tissue engineeringSunny, MC; Vincy, PV; Kumar, PRA; Ramesh, P
2005Preparation of microstructured hydroxyapatite microspheres using oil in water emulsionsPradeesh, TS; Sunny, MC; Varma, HK; Ramesh, P
1995Use of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate as a solidifying monomer in balloon embolization is a dangerous affairJayakrishnan, A; Thanoo, BC; Sunny, MC
2004Use of polymeric plasticizers in polyvinyl chloride to reduce conventional plasticizer migration for critical applicationsSunny, MC; Ramesh, P; George, KE