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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Addressing problems of dementia in IndiaThomas, Sanjeev V.
2009Another milestone for the Annals of Indian Academy of NeurologyThomas, Sanjeev V.
2011Antimicrobial resistance: Neurologists role in containment and preventionThomas, Sanjeev V.
2009Brain death and the apnea testSreedhar, Rupa; Thomas, Sanjeev V.
2010Child rearing knowledge and practice scales for women with epilepsySaramma, P. P.; Thomas, Sanjeev V.
2008Climate, health and diseaseThomas, Sanjeev V.
2011Confronting the stigma of epilepsyThomas, Sanjeev V.; Nair, Aparna
2009Economic recession and health of the peopleThomas, Sanjeev V.
2006Fewer women receive tertiary care for epilepsy in Kerala State, IndiaThomas, Sanjeev V.; Deetha, T. D.; Nair, Prabhachandran; Sarma, Sankara P.
2007Focal neuronal loss, reversible subcortical focal T2 hypointensity in seizures with a nonketotic hyperglycemic hyperosmolar stateRaghavendra, S.; Ashalatha, R.; Thomas, Sanjeev V.; Kesavadas, C.
2008From Thomas Willis to New DelhiThomas, Sanjeev V.
2010Fungal infections of the central nervous system in HIV-negative patients: Experience from a tertiary referral center of South IndiaRamesha, K. N.; Kate, Mahesh P.; Kesavadas, Chandrasekhar; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Nair, S.; Thomas, Sanjeev V.
2007Intellectual and language functions in children of mothers with epilepsyThomas, Sanjeev V.; Sukumaran, Sajith; Lukose, Neetha; George, Annamma; Sarma, PS
2007Intracranial infectious aneurysm: Presentation, management and outcomeKannoth, Sudheeran; Iyer, Rajesh; Thomas, Sanjeev V.; Furtado, Suml V.; Rajesh, B. J.; Kesavadas, C.; Radhakrishnan, VV; Sarma, PS
2009Intracranial Microbial Aneurysm (Infectious Aneurysm): Current Options for Diagnosis and ManagementKannoth, Sudheeran; Thomas, Sanjeev V.
2009Investing in women, girls, and other mattersThomas, Sanjeev V.
2008Lipid peroxidation in women with epilepsyDeepa, D.; Jayakumari, B.; Thomas, Sanjeev V.
2008Little strokes, big trouble and more.Thomas, Sanjeev V.
2011Managing epilepsy in pregnancyThomas, Sanjeev V.
2009Minimising disability in stroke survivors ReplyThomas, Sanjeev V.