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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A rare case of malignant hyperthermia in the Indian subcontinentGopalakrishnan, CV; Suparna, B; Arun, V
2007A simple technique to secure the endotracheal tube over an intubating fibrescopeNeema, PK; Sethuraman, M; Rathod, RC
2002ACEI and renal function after vascular surgeryGayatri, P
2005An alternative and simple technique of guidewire retrieval in a failed Seldinger techniqueUnnikrishnan, KP; Sinha, PK; Nalgirkar, RS
2006An alternative site for entropy sensor placementSinha, PK; Suneel, PR; Unnikrishnan, KP; Smita, V; Rathod, RC
2004An unusual cause of excessive bleeding in a neurosurgical patientStamatiou, G; Athanasiou, E; Simeoforidou, M; Bakos, P; Michaloudis, D
2008Anesthesia for craniotomy in a patient with previous paralytic polioSuneel, PR; Sinha, PK; Unnikrishnan, KP; Abraham, M
2009Anesthesia in Developing Countries: One-Way Traffic?Misra, S; Koshy, T
2016Anesthetic management of a patient with polycythemia vera for neurosurgeryGautham, NS; Arulvelan, A; Manikandan, S
2006Another defect in right-angle double connector resulting in high peak inspiratory pressure during one lung anesthesia: A simple and practical approach for rapid detectionKoshy, T; Sinha, PK; Vijayakumar, A
2009Bispectral Index monitoring facilitates early detection of catheter-induced vasospasm during neuro-endovascular proceduresSriganesh, K; Chatterjee, N; Singha, S
2007Complications of unrecognized urinary bladder distensionNeema, PK; Rao, S; Manikandan, S; Rathod, RC
2007Defective double lumen tubes: Mallinckrodt the culprit!Sinha, PK; Koshy, T
2006Endotracheal tube migration following transoesophageal echocardiography probe placement in a childNeema, PK; Manikandan, S; Rathod, RC
2005Evaluating the efficacy of the Valsalva maneuver on venous cannulation pain: A prospective, randomized studyAgarwal, A; Sinha, PK; Tandon, M; Dhiraaj, S; Singh, U
2007Fatal endotracheal haemorrhage in a patient undergoing repair of a large ascending aortic aneurysmNeema, PK; Manikandan, S; Rathod, RC; Varma, PK
2011High cuff pressure in the silicone endotracheal tube of the LMA-Fastrach: implications for patient safetySuneel, PR; Koshy, T; Unnikrishnan, KP
2008Increased anesthetic depth, not metoprolol, may have caused the change in bispectral index - ReplySinha, PK; Jacob, D; Koshy, T
2006Mandibular dislocation from yawning during induction of anesthesiaUnnikrishnan, KP; Sinha, PK; Rao, S
2003Oversized endotracheal tube in pediatric anesthesia practice: Its objective detectionNeema, PK; Sinha, PK; S, M; Rathod, RC