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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A 3D biodegradable protein based matrix for cartilage tissue engineering and stem cell differentiation to cartilageMohan, N; Nair, PD; Tabata, Y
2014A 3D biodegradable protein based matrix for cartilage tissue engineering and stem cell differentiation to cartilage (vol 20, pg 49, 2009)Mohan, N; Nair, PD; Tabata, Y
2009A biodegradable and biocompatible PVA-citric acid polyester with potential applications as matrix for vascular tissue engineeringThomas, LV; Arun, U; Remya, S; Nair, PD
1999Alginate encapsulated bioadhesive chitosan microspheres for intestinal drug deliveryRamdas, M; Dileep, KJ; Anitha, Y; Paul, W; Sharma, CP
2011An X-ray micro-fluorescence study to investigate the distribution of Al, Si, P and Ca ions in the surrounding soft tissue after implantation of a calcium phosphate-mullite ceramic composite in a rabbit animal modelMartin, RA; Jaffer, Z; Tripathi, G; Nath, S; Mohanty, M; FitzGerald, V; Lagarde, P; Flank, AM; Stamboulis, A; Basu, B
2013Assessment of oxidative stress and chromosomal aberration inducing potential of three medical grade silicone polymer materialsVijayalakshmi, P; Geetha, CS; Mohanan, PV
2015Biocompatibility property of 100% strontium-substituted SiO2-Al2O3-P2O5-CaO-CaF2 glass ceramics over 26 weeks implantation in rabbit model: Histology and micro-Computed Tomography analysisBasu, B; Sabareeswaran, A; Shenoy, SJ
2014Biomaterial properties of cholecyst-derived scaffold recovered by a non-detergent/enzymatic methodAnilkumar, TV; Vineetha, VP; Revi, D; Muhamed, J; Rajan, A
2015Biomimetic fiber assembled gradient hydrogel to engineer glycosaminoglycan enriched and mineralized cartilage: An in vitro studyMohan, N; Wilson, JJ; Joseph, D; Vaikkath, D; Nair, PD
2014Biosynthetic hydrogels-Studies on chemical and physical characteristics on long-term cellular response for tissue engineeringThankam, FG; Muthu, J
2006Cell mimetic lateral stabilization of outer cell mimetic bilayer on polymer surfaces by peptide bonding and their blood compatibilityKaladhar, K; Sharma, CP
2007Cell patch seeding and functional analysis of cellularized scaffolds for tissue engineeringKumar, PRA; Varma, HK; Kumary, TV
2015Characterization and in vitro evaluation of electrospun chitosan/polycaprolactone blend fibrous mat for skin tissue engineeringPrasad, T; Shabeena, EA; Vinod, D; Kumary, TV; Kumar, PRA
2009Characterization of surface modified polyester fabricJoseph, R; Shelma, R; Rajeev, A; Muraleedharan, CV
2014Chitosan scaffold co-cultured with keratinocyte and fibroblast heals full thickness skin wounds in rabbitRevi, D; Paul, W; Anilkumar, TV; Sharma, CP
1998Comparative complement activation study of polypropylene hollow fibres of two different makes in static conditionHussain, MA; Murali, CV; Willi, P; Sharma, CP
2015Comparative local immunogenic potential of scaffolds prepared from porcine cholecyst, jejunum, and urinary bladder in rat subcutaneous modelMuhamed, J; Revi, D; Rajan, A; Anilkumar, TV
2011Development and evaluation of two PVD-coated beta-titanium orthodontic archwires for fluoride-induced corrosion protectionKrishnan, V; Krishnan, A; Remya, R; Ravikumar, KK; Nair, SA; Shibli, SMA; Varma, HK; Sukumaran, K; Kumar, KJ
2011Development of segmented polyurethane elastomers with low iodine content exhibiting radiopacity and blood compatibilityDawlee, S; Jayabalan, M
2000Diethylene glycol acrylate-n-vinyl pyrrolidone copolymer resins for bone cement applicationsCelin, D; Thomas, V; Jayabalan, M