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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A simple, cost-effective quality assurance model for measurement of lipids in a large epidemiological studyLakshmy, R; Gupta, R; Kartha, CC; Malathi, T; Nigam, PK; Akarte, NR; Sampson, U; Borkotoky, S; Doiphode, DN; Arora, U; Prabhakaran, D; Reddy, KS
2000Acquired syphilitic retinitis and HIVKuruvilla, A
1999Age- and height-specific reference limits of blood pressure for Indian childrenChadha, SL; Vasan, RS; Sarma, PS; Shekhawat, S; Tandon, R; Gopinath, N
2014Antiepileptic drugs for the primary and secondary prevention of seizures in viral encephalitisPandey, S; Rathore, C; Michael, BD
2016Antiepileptic drugs for the primary and secondary prevention of seizures in viral encephalitisPandey, S; Rathore, C; Michael, BD
2013Assessing the readiness to integrate tobacco control in medical curriculum: Experiences from five medical colleges in southern IndiaThankappan, KR; Yamini, TR; Mini, GK; Arthur, C; Sairu, P; Leelamoni, K; Sani, M; Unnikrishnan, B; Basha, SR; Nichter, M
2011Bilateral perisylvian infarct: a rare cause and a rare occurrenceSingh, A; Kate, MP; Nair, MD; Kesavadas, C; Kapilamoorthy, TR
1999Biomaterials: An overviewValiathan, MS; Krishnan, VK
1999Caesarean section deliveries on the rise in KeralaThankappan, KR
2011Central nervous system tuberculosisCherian, A; Thomas, SV
2016Cluster randomised feasibility trial to improve the Control of Hypertension In Rural India (CHIRI): a study protocolRiddell, MA; Joshi, R; Oldenburg, B; Chow, C; Thankappan, KR; Mahal, A; Thomas, N; Srikanth, VK; Evans, RG; Kalyanram, K; Kartik, K; Maulik, PK; Arabshahi, S; Varma, RP; Guggilla, RK; Suresh, O; Mini, GK; D'Esposito, F; Sathish, T; Alim, M; Thrift, AG
2013Correlation of Lumbar Medial Branch Neurotomy Results with Diagnostic Medial Branch Block Cut off Values: A Letter to the EditorRoy, C; Chatterjee, N
2013Country actions to meet UN commitments on non-communicable diseases: a stepwise approachBonita, R; Magnusson, R; Bovet, P; Zhao, D; Malta, DC; Geneau, R; Suh, I; Thankappan, KR; McKee, M; Hospedales, J; de Courten, M; Capewell, S; Beaglehole, R
2000Cryptococcal meningitis and Cushing's syndromeKuruvilla, A
2007Diabetes, obesity and soft drinksBasu, M
2011Distribution of 10-year and lifetime predicted risk for cardiovascular disease in the Indian Sentinel Surveillance Study population (cross-sectional survey results)Jeemon, P; Prabhakaran, D; Huffman, MD; Ramakrishnan, L; Goenka, S; Thankappan, KR; Mohan, V; Joshi, PP; Mohan, BVM; Ahmed, F; Ramanathan, M; Ahuja, R; Chaturvedi, V; Lloyd-Jones, DM; Reddy, KS
1999Guillain-Barre syndrome occurring as a complication of acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia.Geetha, N; Hussain, BM; Lali, VS; Nair, MK; Kumar, BS
1996Health care utilization surveys: What do they tell us?Kutty, VR
2007Hydrothorax following right internal jugular vein cannulation: Prompt diagnosis with a simple innovative bedside testDuara, R; Rajendran, S; Nag, GS; Neelakandhan, KS
2016Image of the month: Alternating bifid pulse - a novel manifestation of low cardiac output statesNair, KKM; Gopalakrishnan, A; Inamdar, SA; Ganapathi, S; Sivadasanpillai, H; Sivasubramonian, S; Valaparambil, A; Tharakan, J