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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Curcumin Attenuates Glucose-Induced Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 Synthesis in Aortic Endothelial Cells by Modulating the Nuclear Factor-kappa B PathwayPanicker, Sumith Retnamma; Kartha, Chandrasekharan Cheranellore
2016Curcumin-albumin conjugates as an effective anti-cancer agent with immunomodulatory propertiesAravind, SR; Krishnan, LK
Oct-2013The curious case of the disappearance of ‘peaks of Himalayas’ during an aero plane rideSrinivas, G
2009Current perspective on endomyocardial fibrosisTharakan, J; Bohora, S
2015CURRENT STATE OF INTERNATIONAL EPILEPSY GUIDELINESSauro, K; Wiebe, S; Pedley, T; Dunkley, C; Kumlien, E; Moshe, S; Nakasato, N; Perucca, E; Senties, H; Thomas, S; Wang, Y; Wilmshurst, J; Jette, N
1995Currently practised sterilization methods - Some inadvertent consequencesNair, PD
2004Cutting balloon angioplasty in type 1 aortoarteritis - A case reportGupta, AK; Vattoth, S; Kapilamoorthy, TR; Purkayastha, S; Chandran, V
2012Cyclic RGD Peptide Conjugated Trypsin Etched Gold Quantum Clusters: Novel Biolabeling Agents for Stem Cell ImagingDas, B; Fernandez, FB; John, A; Sharma, CP
2010Cyclodextrin complexed insulin encapsulated hydrogel microparticles: An oral delivery system for insulinSajeesh, S.; Bouchemal, K.; Marsaud, V.; Vauthier, C.; Sharma, Chandra P.
2006Cyclodextrin-insulin complex encapsulated polymethacrylic acid based nanoparticles for oral insulin deliverySajeesh, S.; Sharma, Chandra P.
Jun-2018Cyclometalated Ir(III) complex as lysosome targeted photodynamic therapeutic agent for integrated imaging and therapy in cancer cells.Sudheesh, KV; Jayaram, PS; Samanta, A; Kochan, S; Bejoymohandas, KS; Jayasree, RS; Ajayaghosh, A
2010Cystic vestibular schwannoma : An institutional experience.Sachin Sampat Baldawa
Mar-2013Cytocompatibility Evaluation of the Mercaptoethanol capped CdSe Quantum Dots and CdSe/ZnS Core/ShellPainuly, D; Bhatt, A; Krishnan, VK
2005Cytocompatibility Studies of a Novel Bioactive Glass Coated Porous Hydroxyapatite Bioceramic for Use as a Bone SubstituteJohn, A; Varma, HK; Kumari, TV; Nisha, VR; Narayanan, D
2010Cytocompatibility studies of mouse pancreatic islets on gelatin-PVP semi IPN scaffolds in vitro Potential implication towards pancreatic tissue engineeringMuthyala, Sudhakar; Bhonde, Ramesh R.; Nair, Prabha D.
2011Cytogenetic Evaluation of the Physiological Saline Extract of a Newly Developed Dental Material "ORMO-48".Mohanan, PV; Mol, Lizzy
Mar-2019Cytoskeletal synchronization of CHO cells with polymer functionalized fullerene C60Biby, ET; Prajitha, N; Rajeev, KS; Mohanan, PV
1996Cytotoxic potential of the preparations from Solanum trilobatum and the effect of sobatum on tumour reduction in miceMohanan, PV; Devi, KS