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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Knowledge of post discharge home care management among patients with myocardial infarction.Priya, L.
2007Knowledge of women issues and epilepsy.Jansi Selva Mary, R.
2001Knowledge, Attitude and Treatment Practice About Hypertension Among Health Care Providers of BangladeshShafiul Islam., Md.
2011Kodamaea ohmeri tricuspid valve endocarditis with right ventricular inflow obstruction in a neonate with structurally normal heart.Sundaram, Ponnusamy S; Bijulal, Sasidharan; Tharakan, Jaganmohan A; Antony, Molly
Mar-2022L-Cysteine capped zinc oxide nanoparticles induced cellular response on adenocarcinomic human alveolar basal epithelial cells using a conventional and organ-on-a-chip approachArathi, A; Joseph, X; Akhil, V; Mohanan, PV
2014L-glutamate microinjection in the preoptic area increases brain and body temperature in freely moving ratsSengupta, T; Jaryal, AK; Kumar, VM; Mallick, HN
2001L-type calcium channel blockers and EGTA enhance superoxide production in cardiac fibroblastsShivakumar, K; Kumaran, C
2007Laceration of atrial septum during balloon sizing of atrial septal defectSivasankaran, S; Harikrishnan, S; Narayanan, N; Jaganmohan, T
2013Lack of association of Lysyl oxidase (LOX) gene polymorphisms with intracranial aneurysm in a south Indian populationSathyan, S; Koshy, L; Lekshmi, KRS; Easwer, HV; Premkumar, S; Alapatt, JP; Nair, S; Bhattacharya, RN; Banerjee, M
1996Lack of micronucleus induction by 'Sobatum' in bone marrow erythrocytes of Swiss miceMohanan, PV; Rathinam, K; Devi, KS
Feb-2013Lancet NCD Action Group. Country actions to meet UN commitments on non-communicable diseases: a stepwise approach.Bonita, R; Magnusson, R; Bovet, P; Zhao, D; Malta, DC; Geneau, R; Suh, I; Thankappan, KR; McKee, M; Hospedales, J; de Courten, M; Capewell, S; Beaglehole, R
2007Language disorders in patients with stroke clinicoradiological correlates and predictors of outcomeSapna Erat Sreedharan
1999Large dumbbell neurinoma of hypoglossal nerve: case reportKachhara, R; Nair, S; Radhakrishnan, VV
2016Large Esophageal Hematoma Following Transesophageal Echocardiography-Guided Device Closure of Atrial Septal DefectSasikumar, D; Mahadevan, KK
2009Large pseudoaneurysm of aortic root after aortic valve replacement for rheumatic heart disease: a rare complication.Misra, Satyajeet; Koshy, Thomas; Patro, Satya N; Dash, Prasanta K
2011Laser surface modification of titanium substrate for pulsed laser deposition of highly adherent hydroxyapatiteRajesh, P.; Muraleedharan, C. V.; Komath, Manoj; Varma, Harikrishna
2005Late aneurysm formation with destruction of the left lung after subclavian flap angioplasty for coarctation of aortaTheodore, S; Varma, PK; Neema, PK; Neelakandhan, KS
2006Late entrapment of ball and cage valve in mitral position.Akbari, Jayesh G; Varma, Praveen K; Gadhinglajkar, Shrinivas V; Neelakandhan, Kurur S
2009Late presentation of aortic root abscess in endocarditis with coronary ischemia.Namboodiri, Narayanan; Bohora, Shomu; Misra, Manoranjan; Bijulal, Sasidharan; Jayakumar, Karunakaran; Tharakan, Jaganmohan A
2005Late thoracic aortic dissecting aneurysm following balloon angioplasty for recoarctation after subclavian flap aortoplasty in childhood - successful surgical repair under circulatory arrestUnnikrishnan, M; Theodore, S; Peter, AM; Neema, PK