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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Nonlocal linear minimum mean square error methods for denoising MRISudeep, PV; Palanisamy, P; Kesavadas, C; Rajan, J
2002Nonporous polyurethane membranes as islet immunoisolation matrices - Biocompatibility studiesGeorge, S; Nair, PD; Risbud, MV; Bhonde, RR
2009Nonsurgical closure of recurrent rupture of sinus of valsalva aneurysm in the presence of aortic prosthesis.Bijulal, Sasidharan; Harikrishnan, Sivadasanpillai; Ajitkumar, Valaparambil K
2007Noradrenergic afferents and receptors in the medial preoptic area: Neuroanatomical and neurochemical links between the regulation of sleep and body temperatureKumar, Velayudhan Mohan; Vetrivelan, Ramalingam; Mallick, Hruda Nanda
2006Normal doppler echocardiographic parameters of the TTK Chitra heart valve prosthesis in the mitral and aortic positions(1).Follow-up of patients undergoing bidirectional cavopulmonary anastomosis with special reference to the development of systemic venous collaterals(2).Shajeem, O.
2007Normal human plasma anti-beta-glucoside antibody has markedly elevated IgA content and binds fungal and yeast polysaccharidesGeetha, M; Annamma, KI; Mathai, J; Appukuttan, PS
2016Noshir Hormusji Wadia (1925-2016)Kishore, A
Dec-2015Novel Antimicrobial and Growth Factor Releasing Hydrogel Systems For Burn Wound ManagementRethikala P, K
2003Novel deletions in MYH7 and MYBPC3 identified in Indian families with familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathyWaldmuller, S; Sakthivel, S; Saadi, AV; Selignow, C; Rakesh, PG; Golubenko, M; Joseph, PK; Padmakumar, R; Richard, P; Schwartz, K; Tharakan, JM; Rajamanickam, C; Vosberg, HP
Jul-2016Novel hydrogels from modified sericin: Synthesis and CharacterizationRiju Chandran, R
Jul-2016Novel hydrogels from modified sericin: Synthesis and CharacterizationRiju Chandran, R
Jan-2016A novel leukodepletion filter from electrospun poly(ethylene-vinyl alcohol) membranes and evaluation of its efficiencyMayuri, PV; Bhatt, A; Sabareeswaran, A; Ramesh, P
2001Novel mutations in MYH7 and MYPBC3 of an Indian family causing hypertrophic cardiomyopathySakthivel, S; Waldmuller, S; Saadi, A; Joseph, PK; Rakesh, PG; Padmakumar, R; Tharakan, JM; Richard, P; Schwartz, K; Rajamanickam, C; Vosberg, HP
May-2013Novel nanoporous bioceramic spheres for drug delivery application: A preliminary in vitro investigationSimon, D; Manuel, S; Varma, H
2006Novel pH responsive polymethacrylic acid-chitosan-polyethylene glycol nanoparticles for oral peptide deliverySajeesh, S; Sharma, CP
2007Novel polyelectrolyte complexes based on poly(methacrylic acid)-bis(2-aminopropyl)poly(ethylene glycol) for oral protein deliverySajeesh, S.; Sharma, Chandra P.
Apr-2015A Novel, Single Step, Highly Sensitive In-Vitro Cell-Based Metabolic Assay Using Honeycomb Microporous Polymer MembranesVelayudhan, S; Anilkumar, PR; Nair, PD
2012Nucleation kinetics of the formation of low dimensional calcium sulfate dihydrate crystals in isopropyl alcohol mediumSandhya, S; Sureshbabu, S; Varma, HK; Komath, M
1995Nucleolar organizer regions in pituitary adenomas.Radhakrishnan, V V; Radhakrishnan, N S; Misra, B K; Rout, D