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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Tricuspid Valve Repair – Five Year Follow UpKarthik Kumaran, P
2008Trigeminal schwannoma - an institutional experience.Naren N. Nayak
2009Triphasic ceramic coated hydroxyapatite as a niche for goat stem cell-derived osteoblasts for bone regeneration and repairNair, MB; Varma, HK; John, A
2009Triphasic ceramic coated hydroxyapatite as a niche for goat stem cell-derived osteoblasts for bone regeneration and repair.Nair, Manitha B; Varma, H K; John, Annie
2014Triphasic ceramic scaffold in paediatric and adolescent bone defectsBalakumar, B; Babu, S; Varma, HK; Madhuri, V
2004Triphasic waves in a patient with brainstem hemorrhage modified by hemispheric infarctCherian, PJ; Radhakrishnan, K
2012Tropical endomyocardial fibrosis in India: a vanishing disease!Vijayaraghavan, G; Sivasankaran, S
2010Trust and sources of health information –A study on diabetes mellitus in urban and rural areas of Thiruvananthapuram district,KeralaPRAVEEN, P.A.
2011Tryptophan complexed hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for immunoglobulin adsorptionVictor, Sunita Prem; Sharma, Chandra P.
Aug-2017TTK Chitra tilting disc heart valve model TC2: An assessment of fatigue life and durabilitySubhash, NN; Rajeev, A; Sujesh, S; Muraleedharan, CV
2004TTK-Chitra prosthetic heart valve for mitral replacementBhuvaneshwar, GS
Oct-2017Tuberculosis mortality and risk factors for death in newly diagnosed patients with tuberculosis registered under RNTCP in Bilaspur district, ChattisgarhDhanashri, Bagal
2012Tumefactive demyelinating lesions: A Clinicopathological correlative studyNeelima, R; Krishnakumar, K; Nair, MD; Kesavadas, C; Hingwala, DR; Radhakrishnan, VV; Nair, SS
2005Tween 20-modified poly(vinyl chloride) exhibits enhanced blood-compatibilityBalakrishnan, B; James, NR; Jayakrishnan, A
1999Twelve year outcome of epilepsy care in a developing country setting, an Indian experience.Reghunath, B; Thomas, SV; Radhakrishnan, K
2004Twisting of pedicled left internal thoracic artery graft three hundred sixty degrees clockwise: Does it change the outcome?Sarma, AK; Siva, SKKVS; Karunakaran, J; Sankaran, NK
2004Two cases of valproate-induced hyperammonemic encephalopathy without hepatic failure.Panda, Samhita; Radhakrishnan, K
1992Two dimensional and Doppler echocardiographic evaluation of double chambered right ventricle.Joy, M V; Subramonium, R; Venkitachalam, C G; Balakrishnan, K G
2013The two faces of high density lipoprotein: oxidized HDL elicits pro-atherogenic response in Human monocyte-macrophagesSoumyarani, V.S.
2003Two siblings with Allgrove's syndrome and extrapyramidal featuresJacob, A; Parameswaran, K; Kishore, A