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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Usefulness of Doppler Derived End Diastolic Flow Gradient Across the Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Selecting Coils for Ductal OcclusionChaurasia, Amit Kumar; Harikrishnan, S.; Bijulal, S.; Krishnamoorthy, K. M.; Sivasankaran, S.; Tharakan, J. A.
2016Usefulness of flat detector CT (FD-CT) with biplane fluoroscopy for complication avoidance during radiofrequency thermal rhizotomy for trigeminal neuralgiaEaswer, HVI; Chatterjee, N; Thomas, A; Santhosh, K; Raman, KT; Sridhar, R
2007Usefulness of T2*-weighted MR sequence for the diagnosis of subfrontal schwannomaSanthosh, K.; Kesavadas, C.; Radhakrishnan, V. V.; Thomas, B.; Kapilamoorthy, T. R.; Gupta, A. K.
2013Usefulness of Wada test in predicting seizure outcome following anterior temporal lobectomyRathore, C; Kesavadas, C; Sarma, SP; Radhakrishnan, K
2003Usefulnessof transthoracic echocardiography for identification of left atrial thrombus before balloon, mitral valvuloplastyKrishnamoorthy, KM; Tharakan, JA; Titus, T; Ajithkumar, VK; Bhat, A; Harikrishnan, SP; Padmakumar, R
2006User fee Experience in Madhya Pradesh under Rogi Kalyan SamitiSumit, Shirmali
2011Using dental care resources optimally: quality-efficiency trade-offs in a competitive private market.Prasad, Banuru Muralidhara; Varatharajan, D
Oct-2020Using opensource data to explore distribution of built environment characteristics across Kerala, IndiaValson, JS; Kutty, VR; Soman, B; Jissa, VT
2016Utility of 3D SPACE T2-weighted volumetric sequence in the localization of spinal dural arteriovenous fistulaKannath, SK; Alampath, P; Rajan, JE; Thomas, B; Sarma, PS; Raman, KT
2012Utility of contrast enhanced MR angiography for delayed intracranial in-stent stenosis in non-atherosclerotic cerebral vascular diseases.Harsha K J
2011Utility of diffusion tensor imaging tractography in decision making for extratemporal resective epilepsy surgeryRadhakrishnan, A; James, JS; Kesavadas, C; Thomas, B; Bahuleyan, B; Abraham, M; Radhakrishnan, K
2010Utility of Intraoperative Three-Dimensional Transesophageal Echocardiography in a Patient With Embolized Atrial Septal Defect Closure Device for Emergency Cardiac SurgeryManikandan, S; Neema, PK; Rathod, RC
2000Utility of magnetic resonance imaging in neurological and neurosurgical diseasesJoy, M. A.
1999Utility of PCR assay in diagnosis of en-plaque tuberculoma of the brainSingh, KK; Nair, MD; Radhakrishnan, K; Tyagi, JS
1994Utility of silver-colloidal staining method in the diagnosis of medulloblastoma.Radhakrishnan, V V; Radhakrishnan, N S; Rout, D
2010Utility of susceptibility-weighted MRI in differentiating Parkinson's disease and atypical parkinsonismGupta, Deepak; Saini, Jitender; Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Sarma, P. Sankara; Kishore, Asha
2001Utility of weekly oral azythromycin in prevention of group a beta hemolytic streptococcal throat colonization,infection and rheumatic fever(1).Family study of four probands with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy due to deletion mutations in MYH 7 and MYBPC 3 genes(2).Rakesh P. Gopal
2016Utilization of Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, Kerala: A Comparative Study of Insured and Uninsured Below-Poverty-Line HouseholdsPhilip, NE; Kannan, S; Sarma, SP
Sep-2015Utilization of Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, Kerala: A Comparative Study of Insured and Uninsured Below-Poverty-Line Households.Philip, NE; Kannan, S; Sarma, PS
Dec-2020Utilization of maternal health services among women in Jiribam district, ManipurPrakash CHandra, Bhardwaj