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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Early and one-year outcome and predictors of adverse outcome following monocusp pulmonary valve reconstruction for patients with tetralogy of Fallot-a prospective observational studyDeepa, S Kumar
Sep-2013Early osseointegration of a strontium containing glass ceramic in a rabbit modelSabareeswaran, A; Bikramjit, Basu; Sachin, J Shenoy; Zahira, Jaffer; Naresh, Saha; Artemis, Stamboulis
2016Early resective surgery causes favorable seizure outcome in malformations of cortical developmentRadhakrishnan, A; Menon, R; Menon, D; Singh, A; Radhakrishnan, N; Vilanilam, G; Abraham, M; Thomas, B; Kesavadas, C; Varma, RP; Thomas, SV
2012Early risk and predictors of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events in transient ischemic attack and minor ischemic strokeKate, M; Sylaja, PN; Chandrasekharan, K; Balakrishnan, R; Sarma, S; Pandian, JD
2005Early sternal erosion and luetic aneurysms of thoracic aorta: report of 6 cases and analysis of cause-effect relationshipBodhey, NK; Gupta, AK; Neelakandhan, KS; Unnikrishnan, M
2012Early, severe and bilateral loss of LTP and LTD-like plasticity in motor cortex (M1) in de novo Parkinson's diseaseKishore, Asha; Joseph, Thomas; Velayudhan, Balu; Popa, Traian; Meunier, Sabine
2016Eating epilepsy revisited- an electro-clinico-radiological studyJagtap, S; Menon, R; Cherian, A; Baheti, N; Ashalatha, R; Thomas, SV
2007Ebstein's anomaly, Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and rheumatic mitral stenosis: role for combined electrophysiological and surgical management.Namboodiri, N; Rajeev, E; Dora, S K; Tharakan, J A
2016ECG Challenge: Single or Double Tachycardia?Nair, KKM; Thajudeen, A; Namboodiri, N; Valaparambil, A; Tharakan, J
Dec-2017Echocardiographic evaluation of arterial stiffnessSonali Avinash, Inamdar
1993Echocardiographic evaluation of right ventricular function in post operative patients with senning s procedure and role of ace inhibitors in RV dysfunction.Zulfikar Ahamed
1999Echocardiographic score to predict the results of percutaneous transmitral commissurotomy(1)Factors influencing systemic arterial saturation in complete transposition of the great arteries (2)Mahesh Krishnakumar
2005An economic analysis of a community based health insurance scheme in B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, NepalSachi, karki
Dec-2018Economic and Social burden of Stroke, a prospective study in patients with stroke in Thiruvananthapuram, South IndiaVeena, V
2001Economic burden of epilepsy in IndiaThomas, SV; Sarma, PS; Alexander, M; Pandit, L; Shekhar, L; Trivedi, C; Vengamma, B
Dec-2020Economic burden of traumatic spinal cord injury among the spinal cord injury patients and their families in Odisha – an exploratory studyShruti Lekha, K
Dec-2020The Economic Burden of Type 2 diabetes using the incremental cost of illness approach in Mumbai- An exploratory studyVishakha, Anbhore
2009Economic recession and health of the peopleThomas, Sanjeev V.
2005Educational problems with underlying neuropsychological impairment are common in children with Benign Epilepsy of Childhood with Centrotemporal Spikes (BECTS)Vinayan, KP; Biji, V; Thomas, SV