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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Saccular aneurysm of congenital coronary arteriovenous fistula.Krishnamoorthy, K M; Rao, Sekhar
2000Saccular coronary aneurysms: angiographic and clinical profile and follow-up of 22 cases.Harikrishnan, S; Sunder, K R; Tharakan, J M; Titus, T; Bhat, A; Sivasankaran, S; Bimal, F
2013Safe Delivery Care: Policy, Practice and Gaps in NepalBhandari, TR; Dangal, G
2005Safe pregnancy in epilepsy: Registry of epilepsy and pregnancy initiative in India.Thomas, SV; Venkateswaralu, K; Pandian, J
Dec-2014Safe, accessible medical abortion in a rural Tamil Nadu clinic, India, but what about sexual and reproductive rights?Sri, BS; Ravindran, TKS
Mar-2016Safety and biocompatibility of graphene: A new generation nanomaterial for biomedical applicationSyama, S; Mohanan, PV
2006Safety and efficacy of Chitra-CPC calcium phosphate cement as bone substituteFernandez, AC; Mohanty, M; Varma, HK; Komath, M
Jul-2021Safety of 0.5% hydrogen peroxide mist used in the disinfection gateway for COVID-19Mohanan, PV; Sangeetha, V; Sabareeswaran, A; Muraleedharan, CV; Jithin, K; Vandana, U; Varsha, SB
31-Dec-2020Safety of drug eluting stents for stenting patent arterial duct in neonatesHari Krishnan K .N.
2004Satoyoshi syndromeAshalatha, R; Kishore, A; Sarada, C; Nair, MD
2004Satoyoshi syndrome: Comments - ReplyAshalatha, R; Kishore, A; Sarada, C; Nair, MD
Nov-2020Scaffold for liver tissue engineering: Exploring the potential of fibrin incorporated alginate dialdehyde-gelatin hydrogel.Resmi, R; Anusree, KS; Joseph, R; Bhatt, A
2005Scimitar syndrome with anomalous connection of left superior pulmonary vein to left innominate vein.Misra, Manoranjan; Sadiq, Adil; Rema Manohar, Krishna Soman; Neelakandhan, Kurur Sankaran
1993Screening for colorectal cancer.Kartha, C C
Apr-2013Screening Performance of Diabetes Risk Scores Among Asians and Whites in Rural Kerala, IndiaSathish, T; Kannan, S; Sarma, SP; Thankappan, KR
1995Segmental analysis of 51 cases of dextrocardia.Gopi, A.
2013Segmentation and volumetric analysis of the caudate nucleus in Alzheimer's diseaseJiji, S; Smitha, KA; Gupta, AK; Pillai, VPM; Jayasree, RS
Aug-2013Segmentation and volumetric analysis of the caudate nucleus inAlzheimer’s diseaseJiji, S; Smitha, KA; Gupta, AK; Pillai, VPM; Jayasree, RS
2010Seizure induces activation of multiple subtypes of neural progenitors and growth factors in hippocampus with neuronal maturation confined to dentate gyrusIndulekha, CL; Sanalkumar, R; Thekkuveettil, A; James, J