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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2021Vaccine and vaccination as a part of human life: In view of COVID-19Megha, KB; Nayar, SA; Mohanan, PV
2015Validation of Malayalam version of Montreal cognitive assessment for Keralite Patients with Parkinson’s diseaseRadhamani, M
2016VALIDATION OF NINDS-CSN HARMONISATION BATTERY FOR VASCULAR COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT ACROSS DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, LITERACY LEVELS AND CULTURESAlladi, S; Mekala, S; Iyer, GK; Dutt, A; Ellajosyula, R; Ghosh, A; Kandukuri, R; Mathuranath, PS; Menon, R; Narayanan, J; Nehra, A; Gollahalli, D; Shah, U; Tripathi, M; Sharma, M; Kaul, S
Dec-2018Validation of shunt quantification by phase contrast MRI in adult acyanotic left to right shunts with invasive oximetry as a gold standardSridhar, B
Mar-2020Validation of the Malayalam version of Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) Scale and a prospective evaluation of MCI in Parkinson’s disease using the Malayalam version (MoCA-M)Syam, K
27-Jul-2021Validation of the Malayalam version of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) scale and a prospective evaluation of mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease using the Malayalam version (“MoCA-M”). (Ref No: 5/4-5/106/Neuro/2013-NCD-1)Syam, K; Asha, Kishore; Ramshekhar N, Menon
2015Validity of Montreal Cognitive Assessment in Non-English speaking patients with Parkinson's diseaseKrishnan, S; Justus, S; Meluveettil, R; Menon, RN; Sarma, SP; Kishore, A
Dec-2017Value of Time Resolved Imaging of Contrast KineticS (TRICKS) and high resolution T2 volumetric MR sequence at 3T in evaluation of spinal vascular malformationsSatyanarayana, Mandalapu
Oct-2020Vanadium pentoxide nanoparticle mediated perturbations in cellular redox balance and the paradigm of autophagy to apoptosisSuma, PR; Renjini, AP; Reddy, TS; Ravindran, RR; Anoop Kumar, GV; Chaitali, DD; Paul, W; Laloraya, M; Srinivasula, SM; Bhosale, SV; Jayasree, RS
Jun-2020Vanadium pentoxide nanoplates: Synthesis, characterization and unveiling the intrinsic antibacterial activitySuma, PRP; Nair, RV; Paul, W; Jayasree, RS
2001Vanishing cardiac tumourKrishnamoorthy, KM
2012Variability of Accessory Pathway Refractory Periods: What Should be the Criteria for Ablation in Asymptomatic WPW.Valaparambil, Ajit Kumar
2006Variant origin of superior thyroid artery, occipital artery and ascending pharyngeal artery from a common trunk from the cervical segment of internal carotid arteryAggarwal, Nilesh R.; Krishnamoorthy, Thamburaj; Devasia, Bobby; Menon, Girish; Chandrasekhar, Kesavadas
2003Variation in mitogenic response of cardiac and pulmonary fibroblasts to ceriumNair, RR; Preeta, R; Smitha, G; Adiga, I
2015Varying clinical and imaging outcomes in patients with spontaneous thrombosis of vein of Galen malformation-a report of two casesJain, NK; Swaika, S; Thomas, B; Kesavadas, C; Kapilamoorthy, TR
2011Vascular parkinsonism: what makes it different? diagnosisGupta, D; Kuruvilla, A
2012Vascular tissue construction on poly(e-caprolactone) scaffolds by dynamic endothelial cell seeding: effect of pore sizeMathews, Asha; Colombus, Soumya; Krishnan, V. Kalliyana; Krishnan, Lissy K.
2007Vascular tissue generation in response to signaling molecules integrated with a novel poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-fibrin hybrid scaffoldPankajakshan, Divya; Kalliyana, Krishnan; Krishnan, Lissy K.
1992Vasculopathic and cardiomyopathic changes induced by low-protein high-carbohydrate tapioca based diet in bonnet monkey. Vasculopathic and cardiomyopathic changes in induced malnutrition.Sandhyamani, S