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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Molecular toxicity of dextran coated ferrite nanoparticles after dermal exposure to Wistar ratsMohanan, PV; Syama, S; Sabareeswaran, A; Sreekanth, PJ; Varma, HK
Mar-2014Determination of antioxidant defense mechanism after acute oral administration of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles in rats.Reshma, SC; Syama, S; Leji, B; Anju, M; Sreekanth, PJ; Varma, HK; Mohanan, PV
Dec-2014Zinc Oxide nanoparticles induced oxidative stress in mouse bone marrow mesenchymal stem cellsSyama, S; Sreekanth, PJ; Varma, HK; Mohanan, PV
2008Biodegradation and cytocompatibility studies of a triphasic ceramic coated porous hydroxyapatite for bone substitute applicationsJohn, A; Nair, MB; Varma, HK; Bernhardt, A; Gelinsky, M
2011Osteogenesis of a bioactive ceramic calcium phospho silicate composite system in goat femur defect.John, A; Mani, S; Sandeep, G; Babu, SS; Lal, AV; Varma, HK
2006Cell interaction studies with novel Bioglass coated Hydroxyapatite porous blocksNair, MB; Varma, HK; Kumary, TV; Babu, SS; John, A
2011. Tissue engineered triphasic ceramic coated hydroxyapatite induces bone formation and vascularisation at an extraskeletal site in a rat modelNair, MB; Varma, HK; Mohanan, PV; John, A
2013Strontium Calcium Phosphate for the Repair of Leporine (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Ulna Segmental DefectMohan, BG; Shenoy, SJ; Babu, SS; Varma, HK; John, A
2006Characterisation of novel bioactive glass coated hydroxyapatite granules in correlation with in vitro and in vivo studiesSandeep, G; Varma, HK; Kumary, TV; Babu, SS; John, A
2005Cytocompatibility Studies of a Novel Bioactive Glass Coated Porous Hydroxyapatite Bioceramic for Use as a Bone SubstituteJohn, A; Varma, HK; Kumari, TV; Nisha, VR; Narayanan, D