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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Photoluminescent PEG based comacromers as excitation dependent fluorophores for biomedical applicationsVijayan, VM; Komeri, R; Victor, SP; Muthu, J
2014Interfacing of dextran coated ferrite nanomaterials with cellular system and delayed hypersensitivity on Guinea pigsMohanan, PV; Geetha, CS; Syama, S; Varma, HK
2013Cells-nano interactions and molecular toxicity after delayed hypersensitivity, in Guinea pigs on exposure to hydroxyapatite nanoparticlesGeetha, CS; Remya, NS; Leji, KB; Syama, S; Reshma, SC; Sreekanth, PJ; Varma, HK; Mohanan, PV
2014Cell-mimetic coatings for immune spheresKaladhar, K; Renz, H; Sharma, CP
2016A simple and effective method for making multipotent/multilineage scaffolds with hydrophilic nature without any postmodification/treatmentVaikkath, D; Anitha, R; Sumathy, B; Nair, PD
2016Disulphide cross linked pullulan based cationic polymer for improved gene delivery and efflux pump inhibitionPriya, SS; Rekha, MR
2015Investigation on cellular interactions of astrocytes with zinc oxide nanoparticles using rat C6 cell linesSruthi, S; Mohanan, PV
2016Neodymium doped hydroxyapatite theranostic nanoplatforms for colon specific drug delivery applicationsVictor, SP; Paul, W; Vineeth, VM; Komeri, R; Jayabalan, M; Sharma, CP
2015Gold nanoparticle incorporated polymer/bioactive glass composite for controlled drug delivery applicationJayalekshmi, AC; Sharma, CP
2013N-hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium polydimethylaminoethylmethacrylate sub-microparticles for oral delivery of insulin-An in vitro evaluationSonia, TA; Sharma, CP