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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Maternal and fetal outcome in women with epilepsy associated with neurocysticercosisPandian, JD; Venkateswaralu, K; Thomas, SV; Sarma, PS
1999Outcome of pregnancy among women with epilepsy in Kerala, India.Thomas, SV; Radhakrishnan, K; Devi, G; Jacob, S; Nair, RR; Kesavadas, K; Sarma, PS; Indrani, L; Beegam, J; Jacob, P
2001Pregnancy in women with epilepsy: Preliminary results of Kerala registry of epilepsy and pregnancyThomas, SV; Indrani, L; Devi, GC; Jacob, S; Beegum, J; Jacob, PP; Kesavadas, K; Radhakrishnan, K; Sarma, PS
2014Effect of a self-instructional module on the child rearing knowledge and practice of women with epilepsySaramma, PP; Sarma, PS; Thomas, SV
2005Emergent EEG is helpful in neurology critical care practiceKhan, SF; Ashalatha, R; Thomas, SV; Sarma, PS
2013Women with epilepsy and infertility have different reproductive hormone profile than othersThomas, SV; Sarma, PS; Nirmala, C; Mathai, A; Thomas, SE; Thomas, AC
2005Cardiac malformations are increased among infants of mothers with epilepsyAjaykumar, B; Thomas, SV; Sindhu, K; Sarma, PS; Francis, E; Namboodiri, KKN; Tharakan, JA
2011Knowledge and practice profile of obstetricians regarding epilepsy in women in Kerala state, IndiaBhat, M; Ramesha, KN; Nirmala, C; Sarma, PS; Thomas, SV
2016Metabolic syndrome in young adults with epilepsyNair, SS; Harikrishnan, S; Sarma, PS; Thomas, SV
2005Mental development of infants born to mothers with epilepsyThomas, SV; Ajaykumar, B; Sindhu, K; Nair, MKC; George, B; Sarma, PS