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Title: Lipoinsulin encapsulated alginate-chitosan capsules: intestinal delivery in diabetic rats
Authors: Ramadas, M
Paul, W
Dileep, KJ
Anitha, Y
Sharma, CP
Keywords: Chemistry; Engineering; Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: 17 ,4;405-411
Abstract: An oral formulation based on liposome encapsulated alginate-chitosan gel capsules was developed for insulin delivery for the treatment of diabetes. Liposome encapsulation helped to increase the encapsulation efficiency of insulin in alginate-chitosan capsules. This formulation delivers insulin in the neutral environment of the intestine, by-passing the acidic media in the stomach, with increased drug absorption and bioavailability. Oral administration of this formulation was found to reduce blood glucose levels when tested in diabetic rats.
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