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Title: Microsphere-based gradient implants for osteochondral regeneration: a long-term study in sheep
Authors: Mohan, N
Gupta, V
Sridharan, BP
Mellott, AJ
Easley, JT
Palmer, RH
Galbraith, RA
Key, VH
Berkland, CJ
Detamore, MS
Keywords: Cell Biology; Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 10 ,6;709-728
Abstract: Background: The microfracture technique for cartilage repair has limited ability to regenerate hyaline cartilage. Aim: The current study made a direct comparison between microfracture and an osteochondral approach with microsphere-based gradient plugs. Materials & methods: The PLGA-based scaffolds had opposing gradients of chondroitin sulfate and beta-tricalcium phosphate. A 1-year repair study in sheep was conducted. Results: The repair tissues in the microfracture were mostly fibrous and had scattered fissures with degenerative changes. Cartilage regenerated with the gradient plugs had equal or superior mechanical properties; had lacunated cells and stable matrix as in hyaline cartilage. Conclusion: This first report of gradient scaffolds in a long-term, large animal, osteochondral defect demonstrated potential for equal or better cartilage repair than microfracture.
URI: 10.2217/rme.15.38
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