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Title: Natural rubber latex products: Concerns in health care
Authors: Abraham, EK
Ramesh, P
Keywords: Polymer Science
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: C42 ,2;185-234
Abstract: In the last decade, there has been a tremendous increase in the reports on adverse allergic reactions from natural rubber latex products used in the health care field. One of the reasons for the widely reported latex allergy is attributed to the increased use of natural rubber latex products, mainly gloves, since the emergence of deadly diseases such as Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), hepatitis, etc. This review presents the latest reported clinical manifestations from contact with natural rubber latex products, at the same time exploring the reasons behind these allergies, which are mainly attributed to the protein and rubber additives present in these latex products. The wish for better safety and health has led to the rise of synthetic rubber as an alternative to natural rubber products, the only advantage being the absence of proteins in them, while the toxicity from the chemicals remains the same. The synthetic elastomers, along with other alternatives like radiation and peroxide prevulcanized latices, hydrophilic coatings, glove liners, etc., are also dealt with in detail. The review also discusses the diagnostic methods available for latex allergy, methods of protein determination, organizations dealing with latex allergy, FDA ruling on gloves, etc.
URI: 10.1081/MC-120004763
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