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Title: Pregnancy in women with epilepsy: Preliminary results of Kerala registry of epilepsy and pregnancy
Authors: Thomas, SV
Indrani, L
Devi, GC
Jacob, S
Beegum, J
Jacob, PP
Kesavadas, K
Radhakrishnan, K
Sarma, PS
Keywords: Neurosciences & Neurology
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: 49 ,1;60-66
Abstract: Eighty-fire women with epilepsy were followed up for reproductive functions under the registry of epilepsy and pregnancy, 32 of them had completed the pregnancy. Their mean age was 26 years and mean seizure frequency was 0.7 during current pregnancy, Nineteen of them (59.4%) had generalized epilepsy Nine of them were not on any anti epileptic drugs (AED), 23 women were on various AEDs, 19 being on monotherapy. Only 40% of the women were taking folic acid during pregnancy Pregnancy ended as spontaneous abortion in one patient. Nearly one third required cesarean section. Majority (87.5%) had term babies. Three (10.7%) babies had birth asphyxia, Sis babies (21.4%) had low birth weight. Congenital malformations were detected in four cases (12.5%), Malformations included neural tube defects, talipes equinovarus and other minor anomalies. These babies were exposed to sodium valproate, carbamazepine or phenobarbitone. The risk, of malformation was significantly greater (p <0.05) when the mother had generalized epilepsy, The odds ratio for risk of malformation was much higher with sodium valproate (6) than that with carbamazepine (1.2) or phenobarbitone (0.8). Majority of women with epilepsy had safe pregnancy and childbirth without any aggravation of epilepsy.
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