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Title: Protein-Bioceramic Interactions at the Interface
Authors: Victor, SP
Sharma, CP
Keywords: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: 1120 ,;55-76
Abstract: Calcium phosphate based ceramics are indispensable in biomaterial and hard tissue application due to their chemical similarity to the mineral component of mammalian bones and teeth. Their interfacial behaviour with proteins determines cellular responses that play a pivotal role in determining the degree of biocompatibility. The control of the cell response to artificial hard tissue substitutes is of crucial importance in terms of biocompatibility. The selective nature of protein adsorption and the functionality of the adsorbed bio molecule are influenced by the physicochemical characteristic of the calcium phosphate material. This chapter focuses on the various factors like ionic composition, surface activity, monolayer adsorption, pH, solution strength and temperature that determine the kinetics of protein adsorption. It also includes the selective adsorption of proteins in competition to nonadhesive proteins to different calcium phosphate surfaces. These interfacial phenomena with the cell adhesion on protein adsorbed calcium phosphate surfaces indicate biocompatibility due to surface properties and have great potential to revolutionize the field of hard tissue engineering.
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